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Update to P*ss on Toilet....

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So, I waited and watched last night.

DH was all stressed and got on my case about nothing before dinner; I had to tell him "Really?  Before dinner?  Try starting over again."  THEN YSD was just standing in the middle of the way, just standing there as usual so I said (for the second time this week - totally all passive aggressive but I'm done with it), "Oh, and I guess I'LL SET THE TABLE AGAIN."


Anyway after dinner DH goes to talk with her. I miss the convo, but know it lasted only about a minute, maybe a minute and a half. I heard her at one point start in with, "But I....." and "I don't....." and I heard DH cut her off each time.  He KNOWS she did it because he cleaned it. He ended up telling her that the cleaning spray and paper towels are to be left on the counter and she was to use them each time she leaves p*ss on the toilet.

I thanked him later and reminded him he needs to check to make sure she's actually cleaning up....

AND THEN - she's also leaving early for BMs AGAIN for yet another 'event'. This had nothing to do with the above issue, it's been planned (as usual she doesn't tell DH until the night before she wants to go back).  I say "yay" privately and tell DH I'm sorry that she's done it again.


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Honestly, I'd be so tempted to take some fudge brownie mix and smear it all over the bathroom door handle with the door shut so she has to touch it to open the door. When she says "Ewwww, there's poop on the door knob!!"

Then I'd smear some on the chair she sits in at the dinner table. "Ewwww, there's poop on my chair, too!!"

I'd say, "Yes. It's disgusting to have to touch or clean up waste products that comes from someone else's body. If you clean up yours, everyone else will, too."

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I can see him cleaning this girl's mess again... Enjoy your day without this brat (and her piss) around <3

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Of course he eventually will - !  We've been in this house for almost 6 years. She's helped clean the bathroom, with DH, oh, maybe a total of 3 times.  Basically the housecleaner deep cleans it every other month and HE pays for that extra hour of her time.

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Does your DH provide a hazmat suit to the housecleaner?  It would be the polite thing to do.

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So far, each time she's been here the bathroom has been reasonably clean.  This issue is new.

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I do not miss the nasty bathroom issues from the skids.  Poor you, its awful.

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I will not ask her. As I am not the parent and it's too personal at this point for me. My only demand / requirement is that it's cleaned up each and every time.

I am certain DH will not ask her. I am certain that if she's doing this at BMs it's also ignored and BM simply cleans up after her.