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Thanksgiving and NOT my Drama!

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Had a lovely week off work last week, with no YSD.  I cleaned most of the house, baked and cooked up a storm. I was exhausted by Thursday, ate too much too late (DH wanted a 'normal' dinner time for a gourmet meal and dessert - that won't happen again) and was in bed by 9:30 LOL.  Just watched shows and read my book for the rest of the days with some exercise here arnd there.


My sister just the other week let the family know she and her husband (of what, 21 years?) are divorcing. He's a Narc, financially abusive and just turned mean the last couple of years. He also has ANOTHER girlfriend. Thank goodness my sister finally talked with someone about it, is in counselling, etc. and has no issues moving forward. I talked her into a mediator rather than a lawyer because so far it's not contentious and they both just want it done.

Thanks to this site I was able to discuss custody and how child support/college/spousal support works in general. That no, she's not likely to get 100% custody, that she will get child support and likely spousal support. But don't play Niece17 against him. She and Niece are doing well, she's backed off her 100% custody demand and Niece has seen her dad. 

BAD thing is it also came out that Niece was molested by her father's father for several years, as was her cousin and likely some of her cousin's friends. This came out day before Thanksgiving. So a police report was filed both in his city and another in theirs (the man sent a vindictive text to Niece17 - just above and beyond cruel - so they can get a restraiinig order).  She is seeing a counselor for that starting today.

I appreciate everyone here as I have read about similiar things and could iterate to my sis rationally what she could do and offer her support. 


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Yes, I'm thankful for Steptalk, too.  It's invaluable for understanding the dynamics of a step-family.  And, as you prove, that help extends even to non-members.  Best wishes to your sister for a drama-free divorce.

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I'm so sorry to learn about your niece. It's a rough age already without having been abused and her family splitting up. ((hugs))