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The Play

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Apparently it went well. DH was pleased at his whole day.

He got to relax and see some friends before the event too.

He didn't approach or talk to anyone, didn't see YSD16 at all since she was behind the set. OSD18 did see him clearly but didn't react. Which is very good. In the past she would run away or hightail it in another direction. He was feeling good about it.

He also contacted the PAS counselor for himself so hopefully he'll have an appointment soon. His regular counselor also told him to do it.


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all went in the right direction.   I haven't heard of a PAS counselor but it is sorely needed.  PAS is endemic in western society.

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Glad he enjoyed his time. Also, glad OSD saw him, so they would know he attended, but there wasn't any then they can't accuse him of trying to cause drama (well, they can still accuse him, because that's how PA works, but will have no evidence to stand on).

I might have to check out the PA counselor for my DH.