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It's the Little Things

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....among me having to tell YSD TWICE MORE to clean her pee off the toilet (I'm checking EACH time she uses it) NOW...I don't ask for explanation just CLEAN.IT.OFF because it's times!  The best is her bathroom is getting updated so she's using ours of necessity and DH refuses to address it so there you go...I have no problem at all doing this b/c I don't care how she takes it.  It's basic human decency and to not be a gross human.

Today I re-arragned my office/guest room so that my desk is no longer in the corner and so YSD cannot stand in the hallway between our rooms and stare in.  It's just odd and I'm done with it. And now I can see out the window.  This is a win!


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As gross as things are now with the pee, I hope they don't get worse when she starts her periods.  You poor thing.

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She has started them - however, the wierd thing is YSD is pretty neat and I've rarely had any hygiene issues with her but for occassional teen stink (she showers ever other day now with no prompting and will shower with it) and leaving her dished on the kitchen counter. She appropriately disposes of all monthly items, brushes her teeth, keeps her room clean, does her own laundry. This one pee issue has me flummoxed but I cannot address why, only the cleanup.

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I guess you've already tried having her clean it?

I'm flashing back to about age 10.  I didn't really have chores at home but my friend did.  When I stayed overnight, her grandma gave us a very detailed, authoritative lesson in bathroom cleaning.  I was stunned, never had had to address toilet cleaning before, other people's pee, in particular..  I still remember it.  Maybe assigning this chore once in awhile might be a thought?

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Your post made me laugh. Growing up, my Mom and sister and I shared a bathroom and my Dad had his own - so I had no experience sharing a toilet with a man. I had no idea what a mess men could make in a toilet until I worked as a maid my senior year in highschool. I was shocked at the condition of some of the toilets that we had to clean - I couldn't figure out how their aim could be so poor!

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Oh I've been there.  DH doesn't enforce so I don't try for any kind of chore any longer.  I gave up on that years ago.

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... needing to use the restroom NOW after driving over an hour. Rush to the downstairs toilet & it was smeared, covered in dried blood.  I went postal.  SGD was already back at her home.  I'm on my hands-and-knees scrubbing the toilet with SO standing in the doorway wondering at the drama. 

Another time, the SGS's were over for Thanksgiving.  Youngest SGS-8 stood in the doorway of the bathroom and tried to pee into the toilet --- "just to see if he could."  I was livid & sent SO to go clean THAT up.

Sigh.  I hear you. 


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We had the pee on the toilet issue with SS too. Everyone in the house has cleaned up his pee for him. We don't do that FOR him anymore but it's damn annoying when he thinks it's OK because we JUST need to tell him and he will clean it. It really is the small things over and over that kills a relationship.