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9 days

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I'm done. Christmas is over. No, I don't want to watch a movie together no I don't want to go to SD12s friends house tomorrow for another party. No more.

I did find more RUM BALLS I forgot about in the fridge. And there is another bottle of wine...DP knows I am overloading and he's being great so there's that too.

One more day.


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Toasting you tonight.

In my world: today, SGD-12 tripped or dropped or did something with a glass of wassail ... carpet bloodied, 2 winter coats draped on chairs on opposite sides of the table, presents for her brothers, gingerbread house and two tables splattered .. freaking amazing mess.

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Raising a glass, I love Christmas, but glad it's over. this year the ham was terrible and was thrown out, fortunately the grocery was open. So we cooked a ham steak and kept the sides warm enough to salvage a yummy dinner. The adult skids thought loading the dishwasher was good enough, none of the hand wash dishes were rinsed out, or table & counter cleaned -- the skids don't think to help clean the wrapping trash or take the trash to the bin, set the table or ask how,they can help. we did have nice moments, enjoyed opening presents, it was nice to hear the adult skids laugh and talk to enjoy each other, and I'm trying to focus on that. My sweetie and I had a good day, I know he sees what I do, so today I held it in and didn't complain, & let him enjoy his kids (his spoiled, ungrateful bratty kids)
Thanks for letting me blow,off steam Smile

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I boast 2 years of over-done Thanksgiving Day turkeys with shriveled meat crawling off the legbones; I have set my BBQ on fire during a cookout --- shoveled a bag of potting soil on the flames, while kids ran for fire extinguishers, but I have yet to ruin a ham. Basically, because I have little interaction with a ham. I put it in a pan. I set the oven; I shove it in ... done once in my lifetime.

The gingerbread house was a humongous flop, but BS-14 & SGD-12 were thrilled ... and then put it in the neighboring park for the raccoon to share the holiday cheer. Animal control may contact us.

What I find funny in the back of my mind is how when my bio-child does stuff, I'm cross or I correct him, but I'm okay with it since he is still a kid. When my step-grands pull stuff? I have a far lower tolerance level.