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Very interesting read about divorcing a narcissist. I think the relates to a high number of BMs.


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Huh. My ex has many of these traits. Very self absorbed. Everything was always about him and his life. Everything revolves around him and his kids and ex. I literally revolved around his world. Gosh. I'm so relieved and at peace now. Leaving him was the best decision I've ever made;)). I feel like a zillion pound weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Even though these types have very bad traits it's very very hard to tell at the beginning because they can be charming and they seem to know what you want to hear. But you have to watch people's actions NOT what they are telling you. Words fall short but actions will paint a picture of who people are.'s picture

Gosh it's so sad that so many women today put up with people like that. I'm so pleased that you ladies left them and managed to make a new life for yourselves. I have a few friends that are still in the situation with their partners, it's terrible to see and know they aren't strong enough to leave.

Heavenlike sounds like your xH is a sociopath too. Sad