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Thinking about disappearing...

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Last night was a rough one... My future MIL and I got into a pretty heated argument. For almost two years now, my DBF's family had made it clear that they do not see me or my DD13 as family, which is fine, but how they would go about it, not inviting us to the family birthday parties, only calling to take SD12 which again, fine, DD isn't their family... It's honestly just the way they go about it. That make it really really obvious that even if me and DBF got married or had children together, that me and DD would never be a part of their family...

Update on PTC Involvement

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Well... it was a fun night last night... sarcastically speaking. I had a doctors appointment after work and I get a text from BM asking if I knew if DBF was going to conferences and that he wasn't responding to her messages. I called him and let him know that she was trying to contact him. After I get home from my doctors appointment he tells me that she wanted just him and her to go to the conferences, and he asked her why she wouldn't take her DH and she told him that she didn't want to bring their baby to the school and get her sick from covid.

PTC Involvement

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I am beyond irritated with BM lately. First it started last Friday, when I had found out that my SD got off of the bus at our house when she was supposed to go to BM's since it was her weekend. We got a huge snow storm that day, my work is 30 miles from my house, so after I got off of work, I ran home and picked up SD. I texted BM saying SD got confused and got off of the bus at our house and that I would drop her off since DBF was working at the time. She responded, "Ok, sounds good." I drop SD off, and I get home, DBF finally comes home from work and said that we needed to talk.

SD being unkind to DD

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Lately, my DD13 has been saying how my SD12 completely ignores her in school. My SD isn't considered to be very well liked by most of the 7th grade, and my DD13 is considered to be a social butterfly, and liked by many. She is not snotty to other kids, but likes to talk to everyone. She has been trying to associate with my SD12 but she will either roll her eyes and shrug her shoulders, or just walk away from my DD. Last night, she said it happened again, when she was trying to say hi to my SD12 and she just looked at her, and then walked away.

Mini wife book

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Has anyone on here purchased and read one of our bloggers book, "Mini-Wife Syndrome, A Stepmother's Guide?" So far it has matched up with how SD12 acts. I do have to say I disagree with some of the statemtents in this book, but I could be wrong. Basically to cut down on the mini wife syndrome, it was stated that you have to become the women that DH/SO/DBF fell in love with. Because men like to feel admired and respected and to feel that way, they look for it in their mini wives since the DW/SO/DGF doesn't show it like she did in the beginning. It stated to stay pretty, work out etc...