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I am just coming to say...

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I am just blogging on here to say that I hope that everyone has a great weekend! I only get on here when I am at work during the week because it really helps me pass time! I will be updating everyone with everything after next weekend is done and over with. I will still be on here offering advice or just to chat with ya'll. I have enjoyed it so far and really appreciate everyone's thoughts and advice.

When I'm Gone...

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Hey everyone!

So this isn't a blog I would normally post, but I need some advice/thoughts. Over the duration of I would say 3 months, 2 of my coworkers have passed, one from Covid, one from a heart attack, an old coworker/friend just passed away yesterday morning from covid, 2 of my friends mother's also have passed, one from cancer, one from some type of kidney/bacterial infection that just overtook her body and it wasn't strong enough to fight off. Ya'll know that Betty White died, and Bob Saget died.... 

BM is at it again...

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Well, BM is at it again. A little back story. After a year of dating DBF, BM texted him saying she has to meet me before DBF and I moved in together. DBF told me about it and said that we don't have to do anything she asks and how stupid she is basically. I decided, what the heck, I will message her and plan a meeting so she can get to know me and feel comfortable with who her daughter is around. So I go to the coffee shop, sit down and introduce myself, and she brings out a huge piece of paper with several questions on it. I felt like I was in a job interview, but whatever, did it anyway.

Argument with DBF's Family

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So a couple of weeks ago, we all took a family trip with DBF's family. All of his sisters, brother & sister in law, and all of the brother inlaws and us with our kids went to a different state and shared a cabin together. First and second night were fine. But SIL, the one I was close with and I got into a disagreement and we both ended up not talking it out and just pretty much avoided each other, well... then she got the entire family besides 3 people doing the same thing.

The movie "Stepmom"

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Since my last blog was not a very good one and I had to keep defending myself and not being specific enough I guess, I thought I would post on the lighter side of things and just not reach out for advice anymore and just offer my own advice and that's that. 

Who has seen this movie? (Stepmom) Obviously it's not based on a true story, but what did you think? Did you think Julia Roberts character had the right responses/actions toward bratty future SD? Do you think the Ed Harris' character handled everything in the right way? What about Susan Surandons? 

Ugh, Happy Thursday...or not

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Well, today is the day. It's been just over a week and we get SD12 back today. As I am typing this DBF is on his way to go pick her up. I can't even fathom on how clingy she is going to be as soon as she gets to the house. I had posted a few times but removed my posts recently because I finally just lost it and told DBF what SD12 was considered.....a mini wife.