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The Sounds of Chaos

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Or, Sweetheart Cousin has learned her lessons well.

Christmas Eve: Sweetheart Cousin needs work on her car. She comes over. We chat. She brings up a recent conversation she'd had with Feral Forger SD23, as recently as a few hours prior (it was around noon she showed). To "set the stage", Christmas Eve was to be a big party for Husbands family to gather, exchange presents and do the white elephant exchange.

She related a few things, that had happened prior, such as that she had called Toxic Troll "crazy" in a text to FF, FF screenshotted that text without context, and TT had gone off on SC big time. Lesson Learned. Then she related that FF had sent a screenshot of texts from Husband to her, Husband asking if she would go to family gathering..."but Clove will be there and you are choosing Clove instead of me, your are pushing me away all the time..."

And Sweetheart Cousin tried to school FF on what a violation of privacy it was to send peoples text screenshots (one of the reasons I wanted to talk to FF to air my thoughts, and then followed up with a "go with light and love" text.) That SC absolutely did NOT want to see any screenshots between FF and her father, that it was none of her business and the texts werent really bad at all anyways. FF was trying to drive a wedge between Sweetheart Cousin and her uncle. She does it in her signature way of slicing a text out of context, only showing what she thinks will paint the other person in the worst light and her in the best light, as the victim. SC and I agree that FF lifted that method from TT, who has a pattern of weaponizing information and weaponizing screen shots of texts between others.

I did ask the question of why did FF send TT a text convo between her and SC, and SC just states "she likes to create Chaos, thats what she DOES."

So, then I try to ask Husband about his exchange with FF. He was trying to see her for Christmas and asked her to the party, and he wanted to give her money. Of course she had no interest in going to the family gathering and used me as a convenient excuse why she was basically turning her back on her family.

Oh, and interesting twist on things emerged from SD16 PS. Her sister FF is currently living with an estranged branch of the family that never goes to gatherings and is currently at odds with husband. The brother of husband, his wife and three kids, ranging in age from 23 to 19. Husband laughed when he heard and we are wondering how long before that one explodes. Because it always does.

Ive made it clear that Feral Forger is blocked from my life, and all has been very peaceful. The Christmas eve gathering was fun and pleasant. People who never speak to me, spoke to me.

Christmas day we opened presents in front of a quietly crackling fire, then walked along the oceanside in 65 degree sunny weather, enjoying clam chowder in a sourdough breadbowl and fresh oysters on the half shell topped off with soft server ice cream. No Chaos, only the oceanwaves and the soft music from the wharfside buskers.


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I swear sweetheart cousin likes to stay in them iddle of everything and honestly, she keeps the drama fresh doesn't she?


I'm glad things went well and you had fun!!! 

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Is my guess. But I divert things when I can. I will watch and see how things unfold and keep FF blocked everywhere.

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My SD61 enjoys chaos, too.  She also weaponizes information tho not sharp enough to do it by text.  I've often wondered why she would create all this trouble and drama.  I finally decided she manipulates info to paint herself the victim, worthy of pity and aid.  I also think life is boring to her unless there's turmoil and trouble.  But, it's tiresome to everyone around her.

I agree, FF's living arrangement won't last long.  Remind me, what happened that she's not still with TT?

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So Feral forger has caused much in the way of chaos for TT such as stealing her checks and cashing them on different bank accounts. STolen credit cards and cash. And supposedly the last 2 moves were because TT was kicked out due to FF messiness and filth. She enjoys living in her own filth. According to SD16 Ps they moved into a houseshare for the sole purpose of excluding Feral Forger from living with them.

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Well, I can't say I blame TT.  How long do you think it will be before FF starts stealing from this group?

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This last time with "some friends" I think that lasted 4 months...because it was a year to the month when she was wanting to move in with us after Husband moved her back down from 2 plus hours away (roundtrip about 6ish with traffic) and she was having "issues" with TT. Im thinking it was October because before I blocked her from my social media I had seen her pumpkin shopping with these "friends" and doing haloween stuff with them.