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Munchausen by Proxy

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Well, during our dinner conversation, Muchkin SD12 voluneered that she thought all of Toxic Ferals 'illnesses' were created by her mother, Toxic Troll. Specifically stated "my mom makes her sick, she creates all the illnesses, but shes not really sick".

I can tell that she doesnt really enjoy all the drama, yet Feral continually tries to get her to be in the middle, asking her to be the go-between when there is drama. She just wants to be a kid and play songs on the ukelele. Draw, and paint. Not be a referee between her 20 year old sister and 50 year old mother.

She cited the case of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. I was a little shocked! And this is the same kid who shocked me the other day calling her mother a 'child', and saying that mom is 'too lazy to do anything to help her'. I just really had nothing to say. I dont respond, to these things (who knows, next year they will be BFFS) but I would so love to record it and send to the TROLL. See what your child thinks of you! Yes, that childish inner part of my phyche that wants to rub the Trolls nose in her own chit.

That innocent veil that a child has protecting them from the realities of the parents has been lifted. Now she thinks of her mother as a childish, lazy, Dee Dee Blanchard. Im sure by now everyone has heard of her. She fabricated a slew of serious medical illnesses, starting when her daughter was just a baby, and that baby had someone . It is disturbingly like Feral and Troll. Feral has 'asthma', 'anxiety', and 'irregular heartbeat', and 'polyps'. Just like her mother, Toxic Troll did.

And this is not in any way shape or form to make light of these issues. These issues are VERY real and should be treated.

But I jut wonder how many BMs use illnesses as a way to bond with their children, control their chidlren, gain attention. And how many skids are complicit, becuase they get attention, and approval from parents.



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Some way, shape or form. Yet miraculously somehow they are alllllll still hanging around. SD went so far as to tell her friends she had a “lump” in her armpit to gain sympathy and I called her out on that shit immediately, and also told the one friends mother who mentioned it to me that it was NOT true. Then proceeded to berate SD for saying such a thing, that there are ACTUAL kids her age living in hospitals, holding onto every moment they have bc they have a terminal cancer or illness. Never heard about the magic cancer fairy again from her. It’s still a battle to fight her for every bump and rash and mosquito bite she gets that may be something more serious!!!! She’s been turned into a hypochondriac by Skankula, and my kid has broken his wrist and barely complained. 

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Has been to the ER so many times they have a chair with her name on it.