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child support question please help

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child support just filed 

what to expect




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In CA CS is determined by the disomaster and well as income.  So if your DH only has 20% visitation you need to plug that into the calculator, it’s actually pretty accurate.  CA also does not have actual 50/50, more like 40/60.  Also if your DH has custody he might still be on the hook for CS based off income. 

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Their custody order lists 50/50. We will have to re-read and detail all the items. Ive started an "incident log", because we were thinking that it might be a good idea to get custody of Munchkin. Due to instability. This is the woman who beat her elest while the youngest watched. I wish we had done it sooner, and mentioned it, and I KNEW absolutely that she would go after him for the child support, but he did not listen. frick.

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That's where allll the California child support attorney training materials live. You should get a copy of the Child Support Attorney S0urceb00k because it contains case law summaries by topic, so you can see what works and what strategies & approaches the CA CS attorneys use. 

Sun Tzu advised in his timeless classic Art of War to "Know your enemy." FYI.

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Clove..depends on gender . I would like to believe that i not true but women are given more grace as ncp.s

A common theme of female ncp is...20 to 30 bucks a week per child

Dads as ncp is 200 a week maybe more per kid child.

Women play the system more then men do. Rarely getting caught. I believe that is why AND it's a huge part of the problem.



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I know she is totally working the system. Crying poor, and being very much an A$$. Not much we can do. but hold tight, and save, and just pray for the best...