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breaking Bad (boundaries) Edited ***

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Ok so I know this is so freaking minor, but when Toxic Troll signed the receipt for last spousal support she reached up and touched DH's hair, said oh i like your hair,

DH is blessed with gorgeous jet black hair and no wrinkles because, Filipino. And hes in his 50's. 

I want to draw blood. Seriously I am wanting to kill this b!tch, but Munchkin.

Luckily Dh told her to back off, then talked about it to munchin, how she violated boundaries.

AND I JUST heard about this, Frick.

Edited to add:

Upon reflection, I believe that Toxic Troll's intended target was me. I think that all along, she has been wanting to p!ss me off when she can, cause problems and issues when she can. Because when DH tells her "no" to her inane requests (can I borrow your truck to haul furniture, can you bring me your old pool table...) he tells her "no, because it will make Clove upset" or "no, it is detrimental to my marriage, helping the ex out". So he looks like a nice guy.

She figured he would tell me she was stroking his hair, I would get jealous, go ballsitic, an evening of arguments and toxic reactions.

I kept my cool, and really lavished on the compliments "great job in your response to her! You enforced your boundaries - and in front of Munchkin SD13." said this about 3-4 times. I only spewed vitrol on this board. None of it came to the surface with him. 

Im just wondering what to do next. Its obvious, now especially, that she is enjoying the control she has over him (I can ALWAYS up the child support!) and effect on me (your husband once belonged to ME, I have TWO CHILDREN with him, you have exactly NONE, You will NEVER have the great love we shared once... I love it when I hear that you are upset because Im yanking on his chain...kibbles!)

Thanks all.


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Good for him...shows you love him bunches! My DH is handsome too women and his excow try...its funny! 

Don't let it upset you. They wanna see that! Show that hoe you confident!

Feel proud momma!

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Did you hose him down with hand sanitizer then make  him take a nice hot shower???  I can't imagine my ex trying to touch me in a intimate way like that.   WHat is it with these BSC people?!?!?!  smh.......

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I WOULD have definitely hosed him down. LOL. In light of COVID I need this lightheartedness!

I thought about things and now feel confident that the intended target is me.

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Several years ago we were exchanging SS to BM2.  Four of us standing outside, me and DH one side, Friend and BM2 facing us.  BM2 was facing DH.  All of a sudden, she reaches out, starts stroking DH's arm and asked what's happened to his arm hair?

Most of the time I can control my face.  I was standing diagonal from BM2 and I looked at her.  My face must have been saying "WHAT in the F'ing h*ll are you even doing?!?!".  BM2 snapped her arm back to her side like a rubber band that had been stretched to near snapping point.

Nothing was said as SS was right next to her but I do believe my involuntary look said it all.  So, yes, I relate 100% on wanting to kill the wh*re.

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The toxicness doesnt go away just because of divorce. Toxic Troll wanted her marriage to be an "open relationship", and couldnt respect her own marriage, why would she respect mine?

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They don't respect anything or anyone.  What?  That silly little ring on your finger??? Pssshh, means nothing.  Your little wife is just a meainingless obstacle in the way!

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What is it about these women that they refuse to understand the meaning of the words "rejection" and "divorce?"

I know for a fact that the Maggot Queen deluded herself into thinking she has some sort of lifetime claim on DH simply because she stole his sperm and had two kids cut from her uterus that happen to have his DNA from said stolen sperm.

She has no idea that she is just a mistake. She really has zero clue that as far as DH is concerned, she is like a gross bug that splattered on the windshield of his life. He wiped most her away through divorce, and the remaining residue will be erased when YSS11 turns 18. 

Meanwhile, I just sit back and watch her make a fool of herself.

There really should be some sort of psychological label for the parallel mental illness these HCBM's all seem to possess...

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Is she a drug addict?  They have no impulse control and do stupid sh*t like this.  Meth Mouth was the queen of not understanding boundaries.  She didn't understand why we kept our doors locked at all times, or why we didn't answer our phones and let the answering machine pick up, or why I never wanted to sit down and talk with her.  She is one of the stupidest people I have ever met, she figured divorced meant she just didn't sleep with the dude anymore.

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Previously BOTH Toxic Troll and DH were addicted to coke together. He went through various treatments, but when they got together they both were on it and both got off it together - so thats a "bond" that they share, another "chain" that links them. Ive never done drugs, so its hard for me to understand that whole dynamic.

DH is good with boundaries and impulse control (just dont tell him there is a HUGE sale on ribeyes) but she is not, which would explain things. That plus she shows standard narcissistic tendencies. The modalities, the rages. So, instead of cocaine, she now takes pain pills and anti-depressants (she would pilfer pills from SD20's "stash" when she was living there).

Yes, we keep our doors locked, plus Munchkin SD13 doesnt have a key to our house, plus Toxic Troll isnt to "drop by" when we arent there to communicate with Munchkin. And why we dont generally leave munchkin at our house alone. Because previously, she has taken key from her daughter to gain entry to the house, she has walked uninvited into our home to yell at us.

Troll is probably stuck in that addict mode.

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I mean. You're just gonna have to get a new husband at this point... Sounds like he's probably got some kind of disease...

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LOL. Yeah, shes just toxic sludge, hopefully her dis-ease did not rub off on DH o Munchkin.