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Why am I being punished??

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SO has been trying to get a handle on SS15 attitude.  The talking back, snide comments and the flat out ignoring him has SO frustrated to say the least.

During this discussion on what he needs to change he added this in:

- I do not like that as soon as ClassyNJ comes home from work you quickly grab your stuff and go into your room and shut the door.  

SS15 does do this.  He will say Hello and quickly vacate the living room.  I will change into home clothes, read mail, start dinner and whatever else needs to be done.  

I told SO that he is punishing me!  I am more than happy to come home to quiet and get my stuff done without having to pull conversation out of that kid.  

Now when I come home SS15 is at the kitchen table on his laptop doing homework.  He does not speak until SO comes home.  




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LOL.  DH did this to me too.  SD14 used to go to her room when she got home and I'd never see her.  DH wanted her upstairs so now she is (was) upstairs in one of the lounge chairs, surrounded by her cr@p, with her headphone on so loud she cannot hear anything and doesn't interact anyway. 

But now since SD14 is refusing to be at our house at all, it's GREAT.  And SD12 is, I think, happy too.  She's been more than happy lately.

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The teen skids in my house do this, too. I never actually considered that it was for dislike of me that they moved. I always thought it's just what teenagers did. 

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My SD20 would do this same type of crap when she lived with us, but it didn't bother me in the least, because I really didn't care to interact with her.  I was more than happy to have her holed up in her room. 

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I'm with Daizy. Do you WANT to talk to him??

I'm disengaged, so I don't cook dinner on skid weekends - unless it's dinner for ME. Admittedly, I do NOT want to talk to PigPen because I'd have to look at him. That greasy boy-bun makes me cringe. Blech!

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Oh mercy.. a greasy boy bun??  I.just.can't.  Bad


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Daizy, I forgot to mention the scraggly beard and moustache. The kid has had facial hair since he was 12yo (BioHo is a freakin' yeti). BioHo's excuse is that she cannot MAKE HER SON get a haircut or shave. W.T.H.

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SS15 put his hair in a bun ONCE!  As he was walking by SO I said grab my hair tie out of his hair.  LOL  Yank!!  Hasn't had man bun in since.  Not in our house anyway   


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Did you burn it??

When I recovered my stolen bra/skivvies from Piggy, I knew I would never be able to wear them. They went into the trash. *bad**bad**bad*

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Ugh, I completely understand ClassyNJ. Forced interaction with a skid is always awkward and tense.

Is DH maybe trying to instill manners in SS15?

I would also prefer skids to go to their rooms rather than awkwardly be antisocial in my space.

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This is typical teen behaviour, not specifically skid behaviour.

As a teen I didn't want to be in the same room with my parents.

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Yes Iamwoman he is trying to instill better manners in SS15.   Outside of the home everyone SS15 encounters comments how nice, polite and thoughtful he is.  We just laugh and laugh and laugh.  

I know he is just doing his teenage thing.  I told SO I am HAPPY that he goes in his room.  But to SO this is disrepectful to me.  He is stuck on that.