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O/T Fur baby

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or maybe not O/T since he is technically my Step Fur Baby Blum 3 SO rescued him 5 months before we started dating..

We have been looking for a new fur baby sitter since July 2016. One of my closest friends recommended a girl that is part of her "adopted" family. She stays with her kids animals when they are gone and I know this girl so I was happy to give her a chance and we were all excited that we thought we would have someone who loved pets and I didn't have to stay home anymore with the dog when there were overnight tournaments.

Welllll didn't work out so much. This little bitch (sorry I'm still spitting mad) let my dog stay in the house for 12 HOURS without getting let out :jawdrop: Sad All she was asked was let him out Saturday afternoon, Saturday night when she got in for the night since she was sleeping there and Sunday a few times before we got home.

I know this because of the nanny cams we put in. Not only did she not let my dog out, but lied about it. Told my girlfriend she was there and was there all day. She called her on it and told her we had cameras. I didn't know if she had been there earlier to let him out but she finally fessed up and said she hadn't been there at all and my mother left at 8:30 am. At 9:00 pm when we all found out my girlfriend went over to tend to him until the sitter got there. She did spend the night and didn't leave until an hour before we got home on Sunday.

I have to say that there is nothing more heart breaking knowing what is going on and not being able to get home. We were 6 hours away!! All I could do was cry with frustration!


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I know how you feel completely.
We had a cat sitter that was not hired for any more sitting due to what I saw on the pet cam.

She did the basics for the cats but really just sat on her phone when she was supposed to be interacting with them while she was here.
And she practically sprayed cleaning spray right in the one cats face when she was cleaning up cat throw up.
And she had been informed there were cameras.

The next cat sitter actually spent more time than we expected...petting and talking to the cats. Each and every visit you could see she cared for the cats and treated them well.
Our puppies were too much for her to handle energy wise for her to sit with them so now that the cats are gone I need to find someone who could handle letting the dogs out if we planned a day trip.
Still looking for the best boarding place for overnight trips. Thought I had found one but discovered they actually had short staff on the weekends and the dogs were not let out on the schedule same as during weekdays which was close to the home schedule. And the one dog also escaped the kennel one night and ate another dogs food that was on a low shelf. They of course called me to tell me this but could not answer how much he actually ate. I ended up calling the kennel manager about it and the short staff issue. We will only leave them at this place on weekdays now.
But we rarely go away for now so I still need to check out other places for if we ever do want to go away.
As they are still pups at three years old and crated when we do go out for errands...I would not feel comfortable leaving them home alone overnights.

I would be very unhappy with the situation you described. Did you tell your friend about what the girl did? Will she inform her kids who use this pet sitter? You were paying her to pet/house sit right? I would have only paid her for the one day...or even less based on the poor care she gave. What if the dog got medical issue or behavior issue from having to hold it that long? I wouldn't have paid the girl anything till I knew the dog was ok the following week. And to lie to you on top of it all. Grrr!

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UGH Lost - just feel so bad for the pets.

Yes the friend knew. She was the first I called since she is closest to her. My friend called her mother, boyfriend, sister, and her own kids trying to track her down. My friends kids all sent me texts telling me they would drive over there and take care of him and they live hour away.

As far as payment - we stocked the fridge and pantry with whatever she wanted to eat and drink and I left her money in an envelope but my friend told her that she wasn't get a dime since she didn't do what she was supposed to and lied about it. When I got home the house key was on the envelope which was unopened. I'm taking my friend out this week for dinner with that money since she is the one that took care of things.

I don't trust the boarding places. We left him in what is supposed to be the best in our area and same thing as you described - not taken out on the scheduled times and just left in the cage area.

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Is this so-called pet sitter a SKID? Sounds like skid behavior. I will never board pets again. I boarded my dog once when I went to see my parents (they are not "pet" people) and the poor thing came back with a terrible case of fleas.

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No not a Skid. Her parents are still happily married and she lives with them. At the ripe age of 27 LOL.

My SS's take great care of the dog. The call him Brother.