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Introduction...this will be long...prepare yourself for the ride!

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This is my introduction. I came across this site while at work (I'm sure my coworker has an account here, thats why the site was on the frequently visited box on Google).

My name is Cilya, and I am divorced and recently remarried. I have two biological children, and five step children. I am not very savvy with abbreviations, so please bear with me.

Back story,

My current husband and I first met in Jr High over 20 years ago. We knew each other, but weren't friends with each other. Fast forward to the era of Facebook, and we became friends online, mainly due to vaguely remembering each other and the numerous mutual friends we shared. Fast forward another few years and we both were divorced and living back in our hometown area. Fast forward one more time to a couple more years and we connected in person, as friends.

So, back to current. We've been together nearing 3 years, married for 4 months. His children are great! My daughter hates him, but I figure the reason is that he isn't her Dad, he tells her what to do when she is in our home, and she's still mad that her father and I divorced. I'm sure she will eventually come around. She graduated high school this year and moved to her fathers home in another state in order to go to school and spend time with him. (She had a rocky relationship with him, due to his military career)

Currently, my 11 year old ASD son lives with us as well as his 17 year old son. His four daughters (age 10, 12, 13, 15) live with their mother.

Their mother......

To put things nicely, she's got more issues than all of the encyclopedias combined. You name it, she has it. She is conniving, manipulative, "sickly", lazy, whiny, and above all, absolutely crazy....and for some reason the judge felt that the children needed to reside with her.


Work calls, I'll continue later.


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welcome to a place of sanity where you can say what you feel

you may not like the replies but they come from honesty and experience [I really struggled with this at first]

this place gave me strength that I felt I had lost

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I was waiting for a long post and got nothing... I was waiting for a long bumpy ride and got nothing lol...

your step hell so far sounds good, at least you know your daughter's full of it and moved to her father, never let her move back unless she treats your husband with respect and obey the rules, but then again, she's an adult.. she can make it on her own..

but wow, getting involved with a man with 5 children - hell never... one is bad enough... 5?

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My dh has 9 and a "crunchy earthy" bm who refuses to work and home schools her precious babies.

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9?! :jawdrop: :jawdrop:

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Gotta love crazy BMs! Way to not be one of those... And I'm sorry you're dealing with one!!! Just make sure you stand up for your DH with your DD! It's hard for them to adjust I'm sure! But I know for me the thing that drives me most insane is when my DH sides with the Skids when they're being nasty with me. Pulls something about how it's "just them adjusting." Just make sure your DH gets respect in his and yours home!!!