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I wonder

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I wonder how the morbidly obese BowelMovements like The Maggot Queen and my husband's POS chain-smoking whale of an ex are going to survive the low stocks of food in stores, inability to have food delivered etc. Fast food restaurants shuttered etc If their drug of choice is binge-eating they are in big trouble! *shok*



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I've turned off PMs. There seems to be covert moderators who can PM when I have PMs set to "friends only."

Those of you I have been conversing with probably have my email address. You can talk to me there. Do not give out my email address, thanks.

My marriage is great. StepPoop is nearing launch date. BowelMovement is in her ghetto "partying" and leaving my husband alone. Hallelujah l!

My babies are doing great. It's all good in Chez ChzyBob20.