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Would you read my book?

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Im thinking about writing a book. I had some ideas in my head and jotted them down, some characters,  a story line, some events and then I just blurted out the 1st chapter in 6 hours. Im not 100% sure where the story is going but I have  some events lined up but no ending.

The book is about a 31 yr old woman who meets a 40 yr old man with 2 kids. Anyone see where this is going?  She wants kids but he has a vasectomy so she knows he's not Mr Right but Mr Right Now. When she meets his kids they are awful and immediately dont like her. She goes on one last date with him and gets pregnant.  Just what she wanted to have a baby!! Only she ends up in step hell and ends up divorced. The book us written from the perspective of the woman post divorce amd her kids is about 14. 

In addition to the pain in the ass skids, BM and the in laws are annoying too. I haven't introduced the in laws yet but a taste of BM and PASing in Chapter 1.

Do you think anyone will read or understand my story? I  guess there's a lot of step families out there but they're not all step hell. Im not looking to make money but it's more of a creative outlet. Its not based on my story but the 2 skids are a combo  of my 4 skids but it's not obvious. 


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I'd read it! I've sometimes thought about writing a book about my stephell, but am worried people would know it's me.

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Im not trying to hide its me but the situation is so different that it's not like im writing about my personal experiences. Its 100% fiction but based on the real stephell that we all know. Who knows how long it will take or if ill even  finish but i will definitely make it avail for my stalker friends to read

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So many would read it and think its an isolated incident like when we read about skids murdering their parents/sparents.

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I want an autographed copy, please. Chic Lit is big business, and I wish you much success.

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Thank you. Im so excited to move on with the book with all this support! Chapter 1 rolled out of my fingers. Now im trying to figure out ch 2

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called "The Step Asides". Doesnt quite roll off the tongue like The Matrix or the Last Jedi...

In this movie - there are 5 steppers in 5 different locations around the world. Each personifies the main themes that we see in steplife:

1. Ultra crazy BM stalking and tormenting the SM, BD and new babies. Sort of the opening scene, as a hook for trailers.

2. Psycho Step Daughters, mini-wives extraordinaire, after dadees money and even stealing SM's make up and clothes to "be like daddees wife".These evil SD's plot and plan how to "get rid of" SM and SMs children with dadee.

3. SM with 6 kids (2 hers, 4 her DH's), pregnant with a baby on the way, after working parttime and being a  full time mother to her new husbands children, finds out that he is cheating with the ex wife, who he works with and takes long lunches with as he happens to be her supervisor (who got her the job).

4. SM moved to a new country (US) and married a man for a green card, but started out in love with him. His kids are dirty and "delayed", he is controlling and verbally abusive, yet she cannot kick him out because she needs her residency, so she can pursue her career in acting.

5. SF, falls in love with a woman who is a gorgeous model (aka stripper), and after a whirlwind courtship, he moves in with her, her twin sons, the baby daddy, and the womans mother (who takes care of the kiddos, while baby daddy works as a whatever)

Things go from bad to worse when he begins paying all the bills, rent and food, only to feel hopeless in the face of disrespect and downright rudeness, lies and trickery.

Perhaps we can be writing buddies!!!! lol.

Definitely will read what you put together.



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I love that movie. Wait, what? Moved in with her and the baby daddy lol. That sounds like something only a STalker would dream up!

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to produce the movie version once you've got it published. I wonder if you could get funding for it as a public service announcement. Wink

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Yes, I would read it as long as it's well written and nicely edited. I can't tell you the number of books I've "peeked" at in Amazon, or books I've read that a friend has written that have misspellings, improper grammar, or just don't flow well.

As far as the subject: heck yes! I can't wait!

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I have edited the first chapter several times and Im going to ask my sis in law the writer and past editor of her college newspaper for help. I think it flows nicely. I use a thesaurus to diversify my vocabulary and grammar and spelling are pretty good but because of texting Ive gotten lazy about things like abbreviations and punctuation. I often type cant or Ive without an apostrophe (especially if Im using my phone).