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Wishing our lives away

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Just reading through some steptalk blogs....dont you love the way us smoms are always waiting for the skids to get picked up. Every moment is spent wishing our lives away. cant wait for xx day so they go with BM. Cant wait for yy year when cs is done.

WE ARE WISHING OUR LIVES AWAY. My dad told me long ago not to do that. Stop wishing for Friday. Stop wishing for vacation. Stop wishing for anything and enjoy the moment. My dad loved his job so never wished the time away. Hes 72 now!

I wish the days away that the kids are here and never fully enjoy when their not knowing in less than 48 hrs they're coming back. I wished the summer away because The kids are home 24 hrs a day 6 days a WEEK. Im wishing my life away at age 46 instead of enjoying it. Its something I did before skids too.


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Everyone does it, it's a hard habit to break. It's a cultural thing to "work for the weekend", or talk about how much we hate Mondays, etc.

DH has 16 months left of CS, but in 16 months, my 12-year-old dog or my 85-year-old mother could be gone (both are super healthy so not likely, but you never know with elderly beings), so I try to avoid wishing the time away.

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We are either wishing the time away or trying to go back to something. You're right its just a terrible habit Im going to have to break.

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Yes, I agree with this! I've said many times one of my biggest regrets is how I wished away time waiting for CS to stop. I was 29 when I met DH, 30 when we married, and now I'm 50!! I spent 15 of the best younger years wishing the dark cloud over us that was CS would end. I was obsessed with counting down months. I even have a couple posts I made when it was almost done.  Now CS has been over for 5 years and SSs are 23 and 25 and we rarely see them, primarily on holidays, if that. They live 2-3 hours away and are NOT a part of my regular life, which is happy and satisfying. I wish I could go back in time and tell my 35 year-old self that we would eventually get there and to just try to enjoy life in the meantime, but it's so dang hard to see when you're in the midst of that storm.