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7:34am. My favorite time of day. When I can hear the door slam and last skid has left the building. Good God all I hear all morning is the sound of YouTube blaring from their phones and their God awful voices yelling at each other over flipping cheetos. I started my coffee and left the room. I couldnt last in that kitchen any longer. Back upstairs to my cave. I just want my coffee.....and there it goes. Door slams, the last skid is gone!

I know in the scheme of things compared to some of the battles y'all are fighting. I got it easy that our battles are mostly with skids, not BM. She's an asshole but she doesnt want much to do with the kids and she sings my praises and supports me when it comes to parenting because if I flip out and leave or force the kids out my house... She. Dont. Want. These .damn. Kids. She knows it will affect her marraige to have these monsters in her home.


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Lol. My BM also wants nothing to do with Little Idiot aside from the occasional “luv you SD kissy kissy” post on FB that lets her sleep at night, content in the knowledge that this simple act makes her look like MOTY to the one or two people not already wise to her schemes. Meanwhile I’m stuck with her damn failure to launch 19 year old (who isn’t the worst skid on here by any means but I still can barely stand to be in her mooching presence). BM sent $30 last summer for her care and that was the first and last dime we will ever see from her. Like I said, the situation doesn’t have to be horrible to be annoying. The simple resentment of having skids around thieving oxygen from your house is enough for most stepparents.

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Yes. Their presence annoys me. They are not likeable kids. Even DHs family has a heard time liking them at times and BMs family barely knows the little skids. Even when they lived with BM her parents rarely saw them. Now rhat they are older and easier(I trained them to act like humans in public) now they want to spend time with them. Hypocritical assholes is how you describe BMs family.

I was never a hateful, resntful person til I was put in this situayion. Now I hate everyone lol

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Today is my DHs day off and we have YSS.  Now in the past 7 years, YSS 12 has Mande leaps and bounds and is totally tolerable.  He’s actually turning into a good kid.   He is helpful most of the time and doesn’t sass me.  He is pleasant and quiet.    But even today, I stayed in my bedroom until DH left to take him to school.   Not because he is a problem but because I feel it is DHs job to do the heavy lifting.  DH can make YSSs lunch and make sure he eats breakfast and push him to get ready.  Not my kid, not my problem.   

I like my morning time alone and I can say I breath a sigh of relieve when they all scatter out the door every day.

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DH leaves at 5 so all I do is wake them for school. I intentionally wake them 10 mins later than Im supposed to so they have less free time to annoy me. The last moments are always the worst because they are ready just waiting to leave and then SD16 comes down and starts telling them what to do because apparently Im not capable of getting a 12 & 10 yr old ready. Thats why I stay in my room. SD 16 has it under control. Yelling at them about their coats, shoes, lunches and dont dare touch HER cheetos.

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I like YSD a lot. But last night I was in a mood, didn't want to cook (cooked a quick stovetop thing and left it there for others to serve at will, left my dinner refuse EVERYWHERE for others to clean up since they do it too - well, YSD is pretty good but DH not), took my meal into bed, watched a show by myself, and went to sleep early.  I just couldn't deal with the chatter and hyperactivity.  Good call on my part.  I like quiet evenings because mornings for me are get up and GO with no down time.

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I have to say that as a BM there were times when I was very happy that my own children were out of the house and it was finally quiet. Teens are the absolute worst, even when you are biologically programed to love them.

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Been there too but i can't stand anything about these kids. At least my bios only annoyed me occasionally....or a lot at times.

I had no idea i would continue to dislike them so much 

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I silently pray “Thank God!” When I hear silence from the demon bedroom. I silently pray “Thank God!” When we dump him off at the dirtclan sh!thole.

 I may even silently pray “Thank God!” When my real kids are in school. I only feel mild guilt about the last prayer. Lol

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Yep and we have the skids this weekend so im going to have to stay busy on my 3 day weekend...i got the day off tomorro w

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I left on Saturday before noon to work out and came back at 9pm. Did laundry and took a nap at my parents house.

Sunday was a family party. I went to work out and showered at my parents house. Got ready, ran some errands and met them at my mil's house.

I told DH this is how it's going to be until he gets the feral brats in line to the point that I can stand to be around them.