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Feels like i'm doing time

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I am new to this, only found this forum today..SD recently moved in with us we have never gotten along unfortunately for everyone concerned.SD has special needs and then some. Everyone excuses her poor behaviour because of it, she's never really held accountable..She works her Dad like a violin and everyone else to boot..only nice when she gets everything her way, otherwise she's a real pain. she has lived with us in the past due to her BM getting in trouble with the law and also putting her social schedule in front of being a parent..She got herself straightened out so we thought and SD moved back with her..We recently moved out of state and SD has followed. My husband says we have to save her from her BM and that it's only for 3 years until she graduates from school...yeah right..Just feeling very lonely and misunderstood..want my privacy and home back...The house i was so happy to finally get, feels more like a prison cell lately..I feel like the live in nanny these days..Marking the days off on the calendar..wish i could just snap out of it...


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Hi Chami,
I'm new to this site also. I completely understand what you are going through. I went through the same thing. There is no easy solution. One suggestion - if your husband says that it's just 3 years - make him commit to it. Learn from my experience, bipolar birthmom, SD came to live with us, and she is just moving out at the age of 24 and only because I said enough!! Also, take care of yourself and plan trips just the your husband and you - little getaways. Good luck.

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Step Parenting – you might need to step back before you step in something!

I can relate to this! SS16 -two more years and I will feel "less responsible"-legally anyway-Good advice re committing to the time-I will follow up -as ss can live with his mother after that.

We have "getaway" weekends and vacations for just the two of us-they are life savers!

Welcome to the site!