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OMG so funny..BM's Wedding Registry and Recap! For a good laugh!

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Just for fun DH and I pulled up BM's wedding registry, keep in mind this is her second marriage. A $900 plasma TV topped the list. Also an 8 person tent, a huge wine fridge, and other items that were well over the $300 mark. Grand total of 175 items on her registry (including every kitchen item known to man---when she doesn't even cook!)

I don't know about you guys, but I didn't even register for anything for my second wedding. Even at my first one I never had anything as large as this. And I certainly didn't have anything that was almost a thousand dollars. Needless to say they didn't get any of it.

The skids called last night and gave us the whole run down (no prompting needed I swear). BM had her beautiful poofy dress and tiara, and her bridal party had purple dresses with dyeable shoes. They had a wine and cheese reception at the local "KC hall" and the cake was from Walmart. They did the grand march, bouqet toss and all those festivities.

The skids each received a $10 Walmart gift card from them as their "special gift". HUH?????

Okay, I gotta comment here.... DH and I went out and got each skid a nice piece of jewelry (SD a charm bracelet, and SS a pocket watch) engraved with the date for our wedding. They got gift cards... how tacky.

No word on the name yet, as to whether BM will keep DH's last name....we shall see. I just thought this was too funny and had to share with you all.


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why does that automatically force my mind into the gutter??? }:) lol, gross. However,each bride whether 1st time or 2nd time deserves their poofy,tiara wearing day in the matter how tacky Blum 3 She sounds like a real charmer. Who asks for a plasma tv??? seriously! It was my first wedding and Dhs second wedding but instead of requesting gifts,we asked people to donate to our favorite charities on It worked out nicely.

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Only had 4 items that were 50 plus bucks- coffee maker, toaster oven, bread machine (never used it yet Sad ) and a blender that never worked. I use the coffee maker and toaster oven non-stop.

I think it's ok to register for any wedding, baby, etc now. BUT I scratch my head at how much people ask for both in cost per item and quantity. We didn't get all that much that we registered for anyway, but people did seem to like being able to buy things we wanted. Of course CASH always is the right color/fits.

I just can't ever imagine saying, "While you're at it, how 'bout getting me the 900 dollar TV, patio furniture, a new gas grill" etc. What's with people?????

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For either marriage. I was married before DH. At both ceremonies friends brought gifts on their own accord. Most just brought money.

I think it is AWFUL presumptious to have an actual registry with high dollar ticket items listed on a second marriage. I mean, based on past performance and all....LOL.

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i registered for my first one, butI know I didnt for my second. It would have been in poor taste.

Sita Tara's picture it regional? Because tons of people asked where we registered. I DIDN'T register the first one because we didn't have a formal wedding and only had a BBQ reception. But we got so many really strange gifts that I regretted not registering the first time. Then the second time we did have a formal wedding and reception so I did.

I also did when having BD 3, and had a shower. Because it was 9 years between her and my BS 12, plus the fact that I got rid of everything from my sons.

Everyone registers for everything here. People have wish lists on Amazon, and I finally got one after my family asked why I didn't have one. DH has one of those too. Seemed weird to me at first, but now I really like buying off of them too. I hate not knowing what someone wants and getting them more things they don't need.

Anyway, this is an interesting discussion as to everyone's perceptions on gift registry. I say as long as people don't go hog wild on pricey items, OR expect that people will buy off the registry, that they are totally acceptable as far as etiquette goes in this day and age. I really think that saying it's inappropriate for a second marriage, could go further in saying you shouldn't have a nice wedding, etc. And I think my second wedding was the most beautiful day of my life.

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I do think it has to do a lot with where you are located in terms of acceptability of registries. I'm in the Midwest in an area where, God forbid, you wear white for your second wedding. I thumbed my nose at that cuz I wore white and had a beautiful wedding with a formal dinner! I think what I found funny was that the items on her registry were mostly high end items, and that fits with BM's ME ME ME personality.

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"The heart of it all" and very midwest. But I'm only an hour south of Cleveland, in county that contains five colleges (more if you count technical schools) and though it's a highly conservative area as well, the balance between that and the liberal artsy folks like me is becoming more even. Everyone I know who had a second wedding in the last 5-10 years had a regular old fashioned white wedding if they wanted, registered for gifts, had showers etc.

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because people were requesting I do it! No one knew what we needed because we already had a house full of stuff. So we registered for towels, a couple small kitchen items and a picture we liked. Nothing over $40. We got all of it and I think $1000 in cash. We had a small wedding since we had been married before, but we did all the normal wwedding things. We only had about 50 people though. Even if it was her first marriage, those gift requests are absolutely ridiculous! High expectations huh? LOL

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Short and sweet and nothing extravegant... we only registered @ Target and that was @ the request of people coming to the wedding.


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