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BM's lawyer threatens DH with harassment restraining order over......nothing?

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After the second time DH found out that BM and her fiance were taking the skids to accident scenes during their time on call as volunteer firefighters, he notified BM via email that he would not tolerate this in the future. So once again the skids tell us that BM and fiance had left the skids alone (they are 9 and 11) at the firehouse so they could go on "a call." So Dh went in and (very calmly) told the fire chief that he did not feel it was appropriate for our kids to be exposed to accident scenes or left unattended at the fire house. Dh said that he wanted the chief to be aware, because this was going on "under his watch". Dh explained that he had tried to speak with BM regarding this matter, but had gotten nowhere and that he had already been in contact with our lawyer about this issue. The chief was pretty supportive and told DH that he agreed that minors should in no way be present while the firefighters were on duty, and that he would be speaking to BM and her fiance about this. DH made it clear that he really didn't care to "get them into trouble", he just wanted the chief to be aware so that this wouldn't happen in the future.

So today we get a letter from our attorney essentially responding to BM's attorney. It read, "Dear attorney XYZ. Thank you for your letter, however my client and I do not agree with the facts you have stated in your letter. I do not feel that my client's actions were unjustified or of concern. If you feel that you need to file a harassment restraining order, go ahead. Your client has been advised against this behavior before."

I guess we'll see how this plays out. I can't imagine that she could get a restraining order based on this.....but hey, I never thought that half the stuff that's gone down would. I'm to the point where I just don't care anymore. Let her do what she wants.


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You've got to stick to your guns. Bullies need their noses bloodied and unfortunately it all too often requires paying a lawyer's BMW loan. We're here with you and I think that a judge would laugh the petition right out of the courthouse!

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call their bluff and see what happens....

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She's done this twice. She'll be mad at BF for one reason or another, and will decide to make up something ridiculous to get an order of protection against BF and throw a huge wrench in all of our lives. I think the last time it was that he had threatened to burn down the house with her and SS in it. And then, of course, was the 30 some-odd phone calls she claimed he made to her in the span of a few minutes and she felt her life was in danger. Not to mention how he sexually harrassed her at SS's birthday party by "feeling her up under her shirt".

Judges are usually pretty understanding about this type of thing. Every time BM has brought us to court it has just cost her more money and made her look worse. I'm with you. If she wants to go out of her way to make trouble, let her, and cooperate and be as civil as you possibly can. It will end up working out in your favor in the end.

*~So sayeth Nymh~*