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Did Hell Freeze Over?

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So SS is with us for the long weekend. We see SS 6 weeks per year on a long distance schedule. BM called DH right before pickup on Friday, telling him that she was going to be cutting visitation 3 hours short due to the possibility of a snow storm. DH told BM it was unreasonable to make this decision 3 days in advance since weather can change. DH told her that he would evaluate the weather and let her know today if he supported the early pick up or not. 

Well, DH has been following the weather and it's going to be pretty bad. They are predicting 8 to 10 inches of snow and quite a bit of accumulated ice. So DH emailed BM letting her know that he would supported an early pick up with make up time during spring break. DH asked for the extra time to be made up on Easter Sunday. 

BM declined saying that make up time is provided in "like time" meaning that non-holiday time cannot be made up on a holiday. Well... technically tomorrow is a holiday but whatever. BM offered for DH to pick SS up early at the start of spring break instead. It's just not worth it to fight with her.

Then, believe it or not... hell froze over... BM actually told DH that if the weather was bad enough, we could keep SS for two extra days (even if there is school) and she would just pick him up on Wednesday.... WHAT?! Did BM actually offer DH more time than was court ordered? DH made sure to clarify that a Wednesday pick up does not come with conditions for her to have makeup time. She agreed. I'm sure this will come back to bite us in the ass later, but for now, I'm pleased and a bit shocked. 


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She's got something she'd rather do for those two days. She will never be nice unless it benefits her. 

Enjoy your extra days!

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Nah, she's been with her GF for 4 years and it has never stopped her from limiting parenting time in the past. Honestly, she has to work both days and has Wednesday off and probably can't keep calling in. 

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Maybe it's not with her gf. And maybe her gf is stuck somewhere because of the snow...