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BM Picked Up SS

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Well BM arrived to pick up SS at noon (even with the terrible weather and driving conditions). She arrived at noon on the dot. DH took SS to the exchange point and said SS appeared nervous when he saw BM. DH said BM could not even look DH in the face, stared at the ground the whole time and said nothing. 

DH checked the weather and it says they are currently getting 1 inch per hour and accumulating ice with wind gusts of 35 to 40 mph. BM isn't even halfway home (it's a 4 hour drive). DH said if BM ends up in a car accident with SS or has to stay in a hotel overnight because of weather, he will be pursuing court action, since she agreed for SS to stay with us for two extra days if the weather was bad, which it was before she even left... DH printed off all the emails from BM and the weather alert that said that travel would be "very difficult, near impossible" in case he needs it. 

Clearly BM's hatred for DH and desire to limit parenting time trumps SS's safety (and BM's safety clearly). It's also clear that she only offered DH to keep SS until Wednesday to get him to agree to the makeup time on a random Saturday versus on Easter. It's clear now that she never intended to give DH two extra days, only wanted to use them as a bargaining chip. She loves to dangle SS as a carrot and then take him away. She was only offering DH visitation until Wednesday but those 2 extra days mean so much. We only see SS 57 days per year so every day counts. DH is really disappointed and has been moping since SS left. 


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We have been hoping for the karma truck to hit BM for years... it's never happened. It's infuriating. 

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Tempting, but don't go to court. She'll spin a tall tale about how SS was terrified at your house and begged her to come get him, and she, the dutiful mother always, drove through dangerous weather to rescue her darling boy.

Just chalk it up to typical BM nonsense and next time assume the worst when she offers something that benefits you.

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When BM seemed nice and accommodating over text but wouldn't look DH in the face at exchanges, it meant she was filing another emergency order or made "successful" contact with CPS with a false abuse claim.  

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BM hasn't been able to look DH or I in the face since we took her to court last year for parental alienation and an increase in parenting time. Since then, she ignores our existence at exchanges, gets SS in the car and leaves. She was never good with in person civility or pleasantries due to her own social awkwardness, but she was a snake via email/text. Since court though, I think it has made the in person contact more awkward/worse.