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Birthday Surprise

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So it has been a rough week with BM's abuse allegations, stressing out about how to tell SS about my pregnancy, and planning for SS to visit in one week. On top of it all, I came down with a nasty sinus infection and have been fighting that off since Sunday.  Not to mention, finding out I was pregnant, while planned, has been an adjustment. I am feeling better after being sick and I feel more at ease (thanks to this site) about how to handle BM and SS, but regardless, I'm ready for life to slow down a little. 

My birthday is next week and honestly, I thought we were just going to do something small, like dinner. It's on a week day and it is right before SS visits, so I didn't have any expectation of celebrating. 

DH tells me today that he wanted to surprise me, but he knows I hate surprises, and that he invited some of our closest  friends who live 2 hours away out to our place this Saturday. He even booked Top Golf and got a group reservation at a really upscale restaurant for dinner. He said he will handle all the cleaning beforehand and already ordered a cake. I am shocked. DH is usually good about planning little things for me, but this is really special. 

I work from home so my social life is pretty limited and I've been telling DH for a few weeks that all I want is some time with friends. I called my Mom to tell her and she said that DH told her about it weeks ago. He's been planning this for that long. 


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Castle, I'm swooning! Your DH sounds like a keeper.

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We had a work outing at Top Golf and I wasn't expecting much as I am not a golfer.  I was shocked at how much I loved whacking the crap out of that ball.  No finesse, but doing my best Happy Gilmore impression was a lot of fun.

Hope you have a great celebration!

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I'm not a golfer either, but I am so excited to try it. I've wanted to try it since we moved here but it is impossible to get into. DH said he attempted to make reservations every night at 12:01 a.m. when the new reservations were released and he finally got one. 

DH said if I need inspiration, I can envision HCBM's face on the balls and just whack those suckers as hard as possible LOL.

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Has he thought about maybe donating spinal matter or genetic material to the multitudes of guilty dads that need it?


 that golfing thing sounds like fun although I would not know the business end of a golf club personally.

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I thank my lucky stars everyday that DH is not a guilty Dad and that he doesn't bow down to SS and BM.