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I have been with my bf for 3 years and things just keep getting worse. He has 12 year old daughter and 8 year old son. They are spoiled and do no wrong.
I work 2 jobs to support all of us. So my day off we all clean house well now the kids are telling their mom they are my slaves. They come only weekends and summer. We spend maybe 45 mins total. Now the mother is threatening to not let them come. I feel I didn't make the mess but I help clean it. Idk what to do? My children 9,20 &21 never3r complained about house work.
They have to be reminded every time they come of the rules. The 8 year old cant tie his shoes, and when he uses the bathroom its a disaster. They both ignore anything I say. Idk if they are just trying to get attention or what but I'm on the verge of breaking up.
Since the beginning the kids hang all over their dad. It get sickning cuz the daughter will actually pull his shirt up and rub his belly why ppl are over. She acts as if she is his wife. Ive looked it up and its considered emotional incest. They both try to block me from even sitting next to him. They pout if he's not around. Normal kids go out and play not these kids. Im so frustrated. I pay for everything like their glasses,clothes and field trips. I am done doing this for them due to the disrespect they have towards me. Please help!!??


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"pull his shirt up and rub his belly".... ew ew ew EEWWWWW

Why are you working 2 jobs to support the family then coming home to clean house? Sounds like you have the raw end of the deal.

Why are you still there?

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Why are you the only one working and paying the bills??

The SKs not wanting to clean should not be an issue. If your BF is home all day, the house should be spotless.

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Do yourself a favor and leave. This will only get worse. You have NO obligation to pay for them. Trust me it WILL get worse. Get out now. It will be hard at first, but you will be happy you did.

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#1 - who care what bm thinks? your home, your rules. your bf is legally entitled to those kids. not bm's call. her influence ends at your front door. period.

#2 - why are you paying for stuff for your bf's kids? those are HIS kids, HIS responsibility. I could see if this was your HUSBAND who was ill and couldn't.

there's so much wrong here. no wonder you're frustrated. you've taken way too much on. what's the payoff?

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So he does take care of the housework but come on we all know how well men clean. He also takes care of my 22 month old grandson.

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You still are not saying WHY you are the only one working? Does your SO pay CS? OR are you paying it?

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Don't let pride over the BM "winning" stop you from having a REAL future!! It is a giant vortex that will suck you down into it. Ask me how I know.

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We live in small town and jobs are hard to come by.
he dont have to pay cs cuz in the parenting hearing she said as long as she gets to claim both kid's on her taxes then she didnt want cs