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OK I have never blogged so here goes

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Hopefully my content will be a mix of good and bad and maybe a place to start some thought and discussion ... or a good laugh.  Let me start with the cheap laugh.  A friend of mine posted this so totally stealing it:  " Hey ya'll.  Witches do not want to eat your children.  They do not like spoiled food" - Ha happy Friday

I'm in the permanent learning stage here as a SD for the last 7 years. 2SS, one 28 and one 23.  If you have seen my posts you already know the basics.  Presently, things are really good family dynamic wise with the exception that I really want SS28 to launch.  Call me old fashioned, etc but I just am not OK with this new norm of kids living at home for so long even if they pay a little rent.  My positive side says maybe when we downsize the house he will launch. My realist side that my DW (Just learned yesterady that is Dear wife lol) would call negative says well, we maybe raise his rent with inflation, but plan to grow old and someday sign over the house when we near death.

Happy Friday everyone and good luck with all of our blended families, co-parenting challenges, adult StepKids, special needs (yep have a permanent live in but do not mind as unlike our SS, she can't function on her own haha).   Last comment on modern generations.  Not ALL of the 20-30 year olds are snowflakes but I find that a healthy majority have little or no life skills and such thin skins and narccicism that it makes my head hurt. 


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SS is really special needs. Or just don't want to launch.   Time to give him a date to get out.  Even pay his first two or three months rent.  Anything to get him out.   Help him to find a GF,  They can move in together and play house,  

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Did I read in another of your post that you are considering counseling?  Maybe I am thinking about another post.

I do believe in this case, you are too close to the problem.  Do not believe your DW or SS are going to respond to you requiring a change.

I suggest some outside help, even if it is a close friend to all of you.

This is a tough spot.

Good luck.  Stay here and keep us posted.

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She and I are in counseling and only starting to figure out the root casues of our communication issues.