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cant wait till SD no longer wants to visit

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so yesterday I was becoming very annoyed with my SD13... she wasnt doing anything that bad, but I was getting tired of her NEVER washing her hands before she opened the fridge/got into the cookies, etc. I have to tell her every single time. DO NOT tell me that "is what 13 year olds do" BULLSHIT are you telling me her memory does not work? anyway....not the point.

so I leave to go to hastings and look through books for awhile, and i stopped and had some lunch. i get home after the scheduled time that my hushand usually takes her home (which was only like 2-3 hours after i left the house) and they are gone....

so im waiting around for him to get home (usually takes him 2 hours to take her home) he doesnt come home for like 4.5 hours. i call him and ask him where he is, he says he was at a BAR (his friend owns it) im pissed and hang up

normally i wouldnt care that he went to see his buddies. whatever, im not a control freak. but i can tell he only did it because I left the house earlier in the day (he was working on our remodeled bathrooom at the time)

we start arguing and he's telling me "well apparently you cant be around my daughter so you have to leave.... what, i cant leave too?"

YES he can leave and hang out with people... but the point is i knew he only did it to get back at me or something.

so now its monday and we are not speaking. what a GREAT effing weekend i had..... i cant help it if his daughter annoys the shit out of me. did i really do something wrong???? i just left to go hang by myself for a couple hours!!!!


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acually going throught that hubby and I get along great but for some strange reason when the kids come we argue???? so now the mom does not want them to come over they are 8 and 7...which is good because my hubby and i have a one year old and a newborn so im enjoying the peace.... but I dont want this to last for too long because when BM calls my hubby cant be with me or our kids cause he has to spend time with the other kids away from home somewhere spending money we dont the movies or pizza buffets or whereever he takes them....see child support comes off the top of his check everyweek regardless if he made his 40 hours or not....meanwhile she has her income, her husbands income, and my hubbys which is ok he needs to support his kids....but if you ask me thats all they get! hell I got two kids too

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omg thats exactly what DH told me yesterday when he went to take SD home and i told yes i dont like her and cant stand to be around her or even look at her face she annoys every inch every ounce every little strand of my hair every thing about ME.