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Episode 25: F**k lying Harpies and their manipulative offspring

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Last night, Sir Handsome told the Harpy via text that he does not agree with her keeping the Princess from boarding school and that she made a rash and irresponsible decision. The Harpy fired back that this was the course of action that she, the treatment castle, and the Princess reached during discharge from the castle and she's going to make him pay child support because [insert same old unhinged, puss-filled diatribe about child support]. 

Episode 24: The whiplash continues

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Yesterday, the Harpy (BM) shrieked the command to Sir Handsome (DH) to call her about 'next steps' with regards to Princess (SD15). As one does after unilaterally trashing all current treatment plans without so much as an explanation. 

Sir Handsome resisted her command. What point is there in calling someone who gives orders instead of discussing, someone who agrees to one thing today and shreds that agreement tomorrow? 

Episode 22: Pushing your kid away literally and figuratively

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(Backstory: The Harpy (BM) whisked the Princess (SD15) away from her family to check into a residential treatment castle on the other side of the country. We are not people who can drop everything, pay last min airfare to jet across the globe on a whim. We are legally obligated and budgeted. DH was strongly against this from the beginning but powerless to stop it. Since then, neither the Harpy nor the Princess have shut up about how DH hasn't come to visit Princess in the castle.)

Episode 21: It's good to have goals?

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Good news! Insurance has at least partially relented and has decided to pay for some of Princess's (SD15) residential treatment castle. I don't know how much but I'm sure that's a relief to the Harpy (BM) who'd been paying for most of this out of pocket herself. 

Bad news! The Princess's current plan (as of last phone call with her docs) is to wait until shes home for a couple of weeks and then kill herself. 

Episode 20.5: Feeling validated

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The Princess's (SD15's) therapy refrain has moved on from DH 'has no emotions' to DH 'doesn't validate my feelings'. He's not alone, I guess. Princess wanted to fire her current therapist at the treatment castle because he doesn't validate her feelings, either. I don't think that word means what she thinks it means. But heck, I don't know what it means, either. 

What does that mean to feel invalidated? 

Episode 20: The juicy details

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I've moved beyond shock, outrage, and disbelief. Now I'm closer to denial and detachment. Or whichever stage includes gathering ammo for hours of daydreamed comeuppance for the Harpy (BM) and the Princess (SD15). Either way, I learned a lot of juicy details that the Harpy didn't disclose previously for whatever reason. 

Princess attended the middle school nearest our house. She liked it at first, then abruptly got miserable and asked to switch schools to the one near Harpy's house. She switched, never got much happier, and I didn't think much more about it. 

Episode 19: The Harpy and the Princess; a Grim Fairy Tale

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Once upon a time in the soul-sucking wasteland of suburbia there was a beautiful young Princess who used her honestly amazing talent for reading people - I've always been jealous - for evil.

She exploited the weaknesses of her mother, the Harpy, to obtain material goods and fawning behaviors. But no matter how many new electronics, clothes, shopping trips, weekends away, family vacations, or bonding times at the spa she got, it couldn't fill the hole inside of her. It didn't make her feel loved enough. She just wanted to die. 

Episode 18: Anyone here have overdose experience?

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SD15 has twice declared that she overdosed on pills, prompting ER visits, mental health treatment cul-de-sacs, and causing her mother to lose her goddamned mind. 

I don't think she took the pills. I think she lied, partially or entirely, about both incidents.  

Let me explain. 

The first incident she had supposedly swallowed a bottle of muscle relaxers. On Friday night. And told her therapist about it on Monday morning. 

The second incident she supposedly swallowed bottles of Adderall. On Friday night. And told her mother about it on Sunday. 

Episode 17: If you really loved her

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In the previous episode we told the tale of the family therapy session cut short by SD15 because she doesn't want to talk to her father. So naturally, this week we are going to explore the sudden, urgent, and dire need BM has for DH to fly out 'just once or twice' to see SD while she's in "treatment". You'll see why the scare quotes soon enough.