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Chapter 9, Part 4: Summer Vacations According to a Mini-Wife

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One of Bratty’s summer goals was to take a few trips.  She put together a few different schemes during the summer.  In the end, the only trip she ended up taking was a weekend trip for her birthday that SO and I took her on.  Let’s take a closer look at Bratty’s plans to see why nothing worked out.

Scheme # 1 was a weekend trip that Bratty tried to plan with her high school friends.  Bratty proposed a road trip over a long weekend.  Since Bratty had a car, she would drive but expected everyone else to pay for the gas plus some extra for her troubles.  Also, they wouldn’t need a hotel room and everyone could sleep in the car (a tiny convertible, lol).  Not surprisingly, Bratty did not find any takers for this fabulous trip that involved overpaying for a ride and sleeping in the car.

Scheme # 2 was Bratty wanting to crash SO’s business trip to Puerto Rico.  Bratty asked SO if she could go and she would spend days at the beach while he was working.  SO said sure but Bratty had to pay for her own plane ticket.  Bratty looked at prices online and I guess her 10 hours a week part-time gig wasn’t pulling in the big bucks like she thought, so she had to scrap that plan as well.

Scheme # 3 was Bratty at her Mini-Wife finest.  I mentioned to Bratty that I had reserved a campsite for a weekend in August.   I knew she enjoyed camping in the past with SO, so I invited her to go with us.  Bratty got quiet and then said she wasn’t sure about her work schedule, etc.  I said no problem, just let us know if you are able to join us. 

A week or so later, SO and Bratty came home from a trip to the store and I caught a bit of their conversation.  Bratty was asking what he thought about her idea, and SO said he didn’t think it would work out.  I later asked SO what that conversation was all about. 

SO said Bratty had asked him if he would take her to Mexico for a week.  Not only was I not invited, Bratty wanted to go on this trip over the same weekend of our camping trip.  Meaning she expected SO to cancel with me and go to Mexico with her!  I asked SO if he reminded her that we already had a camping trip that weekend that she was invited to join us on.  He said yes he did and Bratty said she didn’t want to go with us but wanted to do an ‘international’ trip before her summer was over.  I was definitely annoyed that she would even propose.  I was also glad SO had the good sense to say no, even though I wish it had been a stronger Hell No.

So in the end, poor Bratty failed at her summer travel goals (and frankly most of her summer goals).  But Bratty’s Summer of Terror was not finished yet.  Bratty McBratFace thought gas was so expensive and everyone should commute via bicycle ‘like she did when she was in Amsterdam’.  So Bratty set off on a Craigslist search for a bicycle.  In our next installment we’ll see how Bratty fared pedaling around the streets of our fair city.


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did you mention the water in Mexico and what it causes????

That would have been a "hell no" from DH. But I would be hella-pissed if it had even been discussed...

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SO hates Mexican food.  All of it.  And Bratty is well aware of that so not sure why she thought he would go.

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Ugh! What is it with these entitled little madams? 

Ex SD asked, no demanded, that Daddee take her on a trip overseas for Christmas..."just us...a family holiday".

He said no, but it was a passive little "no". It should have been a HELL NO!

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That's what I kinda hoped for too but at least at was a definitive no!

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Yeah and that's another thing that used to annoy the hell out of me.

Ex had NO trouble speaking firmly and definitively to me when we had discussions - yet he was a pussy when it came to speaking to daughterwife!! 

Wouldn't look her in the eye, meek little voice....just UGHHH!

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The constant pandering and soft-pedaling with Bratty.  We'll get to that a bit down the road when we cover the dumpster fire that family therapy was.

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Oh please tell me what the water  causes... they have bottled water . The water is not the problem.

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Back in my younger days when traveling to Mexico, we called it "Montezuma's Revenge", and SITC even had a little scene where Charlotte gets a little water in her mouth from taking a shower...and well if you saw that movie you can visualize...

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because her mother was verbally abusive to Bratty after the split.  Definite extreme entitlement.

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Oldest SD wanted DH to take her to Greece. The two of them. And she had the "need" to tell me she wanted to go to the Maldives...where DH took BM for an anniversary....which was  a horrible trip for him. LOL 

Thank you for sharing your story. I may need to do something.

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I already knew I disliked Bratty but this is helping me process WHY I dislike her.  It is definitely the entitlement and the self-righteousness that I react to, but I am still exploring why my dislike is to the point of not wanting contact.  I have other family members I dislike but we are able to come together and spend time, share meals etc.  With Bratty that is not possible for me right now and I want to clearly understand the reasons.

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Yeah. When reading my past blogs, it becomes apparent that I have a natural dislike of her. Even when she was nice to me. I still had to watch her whine to dadeeeeee and tell munchkin to do things for her like her personal slave.

Entitlement and crappy attitudes are a thing for me I guess. 

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That's what I'm starting to understand too.  And its important because even if Bratty shows respectful behavior to me while visiting our home it still leads me to not wanting much of a relationship with her.  We'll see, I'm still processing as I go.

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of the bad behaviors. When things would come to a head, we'd get into either arguments or discussions, with her (and all SKs really) first denying actions (I misunderstood, it was always me taking it wrong, etc) and when that stopped working, then she'd say, I'll change. Lure me back in, only to go back to the old ways. That's my dislike of all of them to the point I won't even be in their presence. They lie, manipulate, re-write history, live in a fantasy land and could care less how they hurt others as long as they get their way. 

I'm all about changed behavior.....have worked through a lot of my own issues of life, still working to be a better person and I instilled this mindset in my kids. That stance also makes me a person who demands personal accountability. Those SKs stayed in my life ONLY because of DH. People like this have been removed from my life very quickly; DH has seen that in action. It took 12 years and a lot of horrific treatment by SKs to finally put my foot down. I haven't seen any of them in 3 years. In fact, Feb 18 makes the 3 year anniversary. I might light some fireworks to celebrate. LOL

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And no one would think you are crazy with the fireworks either.

Im only 6 years in...and have been treated horribly by both Toxic Troll AND SD21 Feral Forger. Thats why it sucks that they are both benefitting from me. Never doing that again.

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I don't want to get sucked back in with Bratty if I dislike her for reasons I believe she can't or won't change.  

I have been reading about narcissism and Bratty fits many of the diagnostic criteria.  Whether it is to a level that can be called full-blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I can't say.  But Bratty has shown me over and over again who she really is, so I am starting to understand that disengagement will be some type of permanent state for us.

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I really love your blogs and its inspiring me to perhaps one day take the daunting task of chronicling my fd up experience with SD19, SS18, SS14 and SS12. However, there is so much to chronicle, i would probably have to write series of books on the topic lol

Thanks for entertaining us!!

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I find I remember stuff that I probably blocked out as I start writing things down!

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I went to Mexico on a solo vacation. I had just turned 29 and said f it I'm out. I was single, my friends (for the most part) were coupled up and I wanted a vacation. 

One of the best experience I've ever had. Tell SD that solo vacations are a life changing experiences LOL. 

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And love them!  So relaxing.  Do what YOU want, no negotiating with others.  I always had a blast traveling on my own.

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Bratty sounds a bit delusional. I am curious as to how she is going to fare in life.

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One the traits of a narcissist is lying to boost their own ego.  They will literally twist the facts because their low self-esteem can't handle reality.