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Chapter 7, Part 1: Bratty McBratFace Goes Global

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The international edition has arrived!

In 2017, SO and I continued our integrating our household and lives with the peace of an ocean between us from Bratty.  Of course, that doesn’t mean Bratty’s drama stopped – but it did mean I could sit back and just hear about Bratty’s mis-adventures from SO without being directly impacted J

First up – the cell phone.  The study abroad program required all the students to obtain a local Amsterdam phone number.  SO advised Bratty to buy a cheap flip phone when there, and only use her iPhone on wifi to avoid international data charges.  Bratty said sure – which in Bratty language means I’ll do whatever I want.  Bratty decided she didn’t want to get a local phone and that the program’s requirement was unreasonable.  Bratty also decided to keep using her smartphone but said she used it on wifi only.  When SO received the first bill a few weeks later, it was over $600.  So clearly Bratty was not using it on wifi only.  When SO spoke to Bratty about it though, she swore up and down that she had the phone on airplane mode with wifi turned on.  It wasn’t her fault!  Verizon must have made a mistake!  SO tried to dispute with Verizon but ended up just paying the bill, but did change the plan to block any international roaming.

Next up – the food.  Bratty had been experimenting with a vegan diet during the prior semester.  However, she was distressed to learn that pasta (the staple of her diet) was not vegan and mostly just avoided meat.  Prior to her semester abroad, Bratty decided she would not be vegan in Amsterdam.  She was looking forward to housing with a traditional Dutch family through the program and thought they would want to feed her meals as their honored guest.  When Bratty arrived in Amsterdam, she met her host – and it was a middle-aged American woman from Brooklyn.  She was ‘hosting’ students for some extra income and didn’t really interact with Bratty at all.  And just like that, Bratty’s dream of being the honored guest at a daily traditional Dutch meal was shattered. 

In Part 2 of Bratty’s Global Adventures, we’ll cover the Bicycle Incident which led to more shattered dreams for poor Bratty.  Spoiler alert:  It was SO’s fault in the end.


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I have blocked alot of this out so it is helpful to go back and look at all the developments now that I'm disengaged!

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Me too! But I'll add this one.. in August 2019 we went on cruise from Florida to Bahamas. This was the first time skids would be "international." We stayed in Florida for two nights prior to our cruise so the day before we left we were out to breakfast. I was explaining to skids about how they HAVE to be on airplane mode the entire time because of fees.. especially ones on the ship if you use their service. 

Well, SS17 (just turned 16) at the time was trying to go all around saying he could just turn his data off etc. I'm like no because you will pick up the ships cell service. Turned into a big thing he started making a scene at breakfast so I got up and walked out.

He followed me outside started swearing at me  and said the classic "your a fucking loser." 

Yeah... that's one of those memories I won't forget. 

I pay for half the vacations too. This one wasn't cheap. I pay for everyone's cell phones too. ($500 a month) so i clearly was trying to avoid other charges. 

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You have the patience of a saint for not throwing him overboard!

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It was close.. honestly (I've told him this to his face) he can call me every name he doesn't hurt me at all with names. I'm not in middle school LOL. 

What happened the following day (first day on ship) we were at dinner and he says "I'm sending a picture of my cake to mother because you guys don't answer." Talking about other two skids.. which followed with a convo about BM and SD saying I answer her etc. I couldn't believe that here we were on this cruise, I got called a fucking loser the day before, and now making BM a topic of convo on our first night on the ship. Granted, she blows up their phones every year when we are on vacation but, she is the one who's a loser.... 

This is when my disengagement really started with him. Your story triggered this lol. 

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The cell phones is the only bill I pay. SO pays for everything else related to the house. It's his house and I'm not on paying on something that's not in my name. My bills when I lived alone (besides rent) would wash the $500 a month I spend on cell phones. 

I contribuate to food and stuff for SD but, I don't spend a penny of my own money on stuff for SS17 outside the phone Bill. I told SO already when he turns 18 I expect him to pay for his phone... or he can get off my plan and SO can pay for it. Oh well. 

The vacation thing too... I still pay because I refuse to let him (SS17) take away stuff that we can experience. (Myself, SO, SD, and SS16) Does he deserve it.. not really. This past year wasn't bad. I paid for almost that whole trip too. (Around 2k I spent) SO took a pretty big hit on his pay because of COVID (still hasn't gotten it back) and I actually made more money because of COVID. 

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She expects special treatment wherever she goes.  She has always gone to expensive private schools and lacks grounding in the real world.

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I'm glad your SO's daughter is more mature than this!!

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I've been following your journey too.  I hope you're hanging in there!

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She sounds horribly entitled...I do hope there is some cathartic karma headed for brattface!

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I definitely enjoy reading your blogs. I don't think I could do something like that yet. The trauma is too fresh, to drudge back up. 

I don't know if I ever want to relive the vacation from hell!