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Chapter 14: Bratty McBratFace vs. Physics 101

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In the fall of 2018, Bratty McBratFace officially began her post-bac program.  Her program would have her completing a core curriculum comprised of required pre-requisites for a med school application, and would take until the end of the following summer to complete (so a year-long program in other words).  Bratty called SO after she settled into her room.  Bratty was now a ‘graduate student’ (even though all her classes were undergraduate-level) and she was going to be very focused on studies.  No more clubs or other distractions.  Bratty was really going to hunker down and crack the books.

About three weeks into her program, she called SO complaining.  The classes were really hard.  She wasn’t grasping Physics at all and decided to drop it.  She was getting depressed because she wasn’t getting the grades that she was expecting.  SO gave her some encouragement and Bratty soldiered on.  SO told me about the call later.

As soon as he mentioned Bratty dropped Physics I pretty much knew the rest of the semester would go poorly for Bratty.  I didn’t say this to SO but simply listened and told him I hoped things improved for Bratty.  Unfortunately my prediction was correct and Bratty had a poor semester.  Not failing poor, but she ended up with B’s and C’s in her classes – not quite competitive for med schools applications.

Bratty also decided she wanted to be a volunteer EMT for the university campus.  The university had a training program that was free and Bratty reasoned this be very good experience for her to include on her med school applications.  She also thought once she finished her post-bac that she could volunteer as a live-in EMT at a fire station and score free housing.  Sounds fine except Bratty would not exactly a confident driver of a regular passenger car, so I couldn’t really see her in the front seat of any ambulance that she’d have to drive.  And since it takes Bratty 20 tries to park straight the poor patient would be stuck in limbo.

At any rate, Bratty proceeded to make her application for the program.  She was scheduled for an interview process which she thought went well, however they ultimately rejected her for the program.  Bratty inquired via email as to why she wasn’t accepted and the coordinator responded that while most of her interview had gone well, the interview panel session had not.  The panelists remarked that Bratty had been rude Bratty tried to file a discrimination complaint with the university but nothing ever came of it – I’m guessing because they rejected her based on her attitude / inappropriate communication and nothing to do with her gender.

At any rate, Bratty was having a tough time.  As the semester rolled on and the holidays were approaching, I asked SO if he wanted to invite Bratty to our home for Thanksgiving.  We were planning on staying home anyway (just two of us) so no issues with having her spend a few days with us at all.  SO asked Bratty and she said she’d like that, and made her travel arrangements.  I had hoped that Thanksgiving would be nice mental break for Bratty and had hoped that would be a template for future holidays that Bratty could spend with us. 

Unfortunately there was more drama, and that Thanksgiving in my mind marked the beginning of the end.  Everything from there went steadily downhill so in the next installment we’ll look at the holiday drama that was instigated by Bratty’s random vegan-ness.


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One of my friends in college tried for a post bac too - it did not go well for her either.  And she was NOT Bratty!  To be a fly on the wall during that EMT interview!.....

Holidays - the best time ever!  (NOT)

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Was the actual WORST Christmas that I have ever ever ever ever had in my ENTIRE life. EVER.

SO I get that whole holiday stephell.

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Those post-bac programs are no joke - they take chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, physics, calculus ... I'm impressed she got Bs and Cs! 

Imagine being rude on an interview for a volunteer position and then filing a discrimination claim, lol. Such a victim.

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She gets an ego boost from good grades.  Her main problem is lack of focus and procrastination.  She gets distracted with her phone, social media, netflix, whatever adn then tries to cram for an exam at the last minute.  Which doesn't mix with having a bunch of hard science classes altogether - every concept builds on the prior one so it really requires doing the work assigned in a timely and methodical manner.  My undergrad degree is in engineering so I know that from my own experience.

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I imagine with those courses you have study around the clock for a year. Or at least I would have to.

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All day, every day, like a full time job.  But Bratty is immature so she didn't realize that is the level of focus and committment it would take.  She still wants to stay up late messing around on social media, then sleep till noon, maybe go to class or get notes later, start studying at night but get distracted, lather rinse repeat.  Until there is an exam and then stay up all night even though that will likely make you tired for the actual test.

And that is just the post-bac, med school is even harder!

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Physics was the easiest for me I was terrible at Chemistry because I don't have the best memory. Anatomy was also hard for me for the same reason. 

You'd think "oh goody! Memorizing body parts should be easy!" WRONG you age to know every nerve, every muscle, every tendon and ligament as well as all the bumps holes and places of attachments on the bones and what goes through what and where. I took comparative primate anatomy (a pre-med requirement). Every part had two names and we had to learn them all on three separate animals: a chimp, a smaller monkey (can't remember what species) and of course the human and in each animal many of the parts looked different, were of a different size or shape etc and we had to identify all of them (spelled 100% correct) on each cadaver. It was terrible. One of the most memorable parts of the class was when they opened up a small black bag for you to stick you hand in and they had one of the 8 carpals bones in there for you to feel (can't look at it) and you had to identify it. It was so much fun because they are all shaped pretty much like a cube! Oh and it was timed too!

Physics and math seemed more procedural and less memorization so they were IMO easier.


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When I was in high school we had to disect a frog.  I have a natural tremor in my hand and it didn't help that I thought the frog was gross.  My disection was so poor that the teacher made me promise to never become a doctor.  Which was not a problem since I am a huge weenie when it comes to blood.

I would have passed out if I had to work on a cadaver.

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Gawd. Poor brattymcbrat face always discriminated against. "Jerry I think we have a case"  (ode to Seinfeld)

Dang that theory of relativity got in her way of becoming this century's medicine woman.

So glad she found the path of veganism, even if it was part time, cause thats how it works *ROFL*. As for Thanksgiving and future peaceful gatherings,  what could go wrong? 

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I'm surprised the coordinator responded with more than "not the right fit" or "another candidate was more qualified." I've tried to be helpful to candidates that weren't selected too and got sucked into HR complaints that went nowhere, but took up my time. I don't go down that road anymore.

But you think Bratty could have learned something from an honest response.

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Probably the coordinator was trying to be helpful to Bratty since she was young and figured Bratty didn't mean to be rude.  Poor person didn't know they were dealing with a full-on narc who believes she is perfect and never at fault for anything.

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Yep, I never give candidates feedback anymore. The ones who ask for it are least able to hear it.

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One time we had a candidate interview for a full-time role who was so awful we actually called HR and gave them a piece of our minds for even scheduling that interview.  That person emailed when told we were not interviewing him further and whined that he was sure he had nailed the interview, etc. so why was he not selected.  We forwarded to HR and were told to ignore it.

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Live! Ing! For! These!

gonna pop some popcorn and settle in before I open the next chapter.

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Getting closer to present day but still a lot of story and drama left - unfortunately.

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Physics was the only poor grade my father ever got - and he made it through med school.

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But he stuck it out .Didn't drop the class. That is what matters. Good for your father. And I really mean that Tog.  Not everyone is a "A" student. So he made it through med school a true accomplishment. Something I could never do.

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Tog sometimes I think all you like to do is argue. Proclaim all you want. I still think she should have not dropped the class.

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Yeah, WTF? That was unnecessary. I was agreeing that she shouldn't have dropped the class. Maybe you are the one who likes to argue.

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Well I guess it was necessary because you actually  agreed with me. ???? Now that is a first. My apologies.

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It's funny how all the people who argue and pick fights with me accuse me of being the argumentative one.

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I'm just glad I don't have to live with her again!

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I'll wait for the next blog to comment further but as a vegan (well, plus bougie eggs but that sounds even more smug somehow lol) the last thing you should do is drop your restrictions on someone on fracking Thanksgiving.  

Yet another way she wants to get attention for something that takes work but is easy to use for virtue signaling. 

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My sister is what the british call a "lovie".  Think dramatic actress type.

For a number of years to get attention she went on a diet of nuts, berries, vegtables and brown rice.  It was always a drama with her picking at her food even when she was specially catered for.  HOWEVER, it was all drama as every single member of my family caught her cheating constantly.  She'd sneak into the kitchen and eat meat, fish and bread.  Thank goodness she finally dropped this particular act.  I think she stopped the drama because a boyfriend called her on it.

Can't wait to her what Litlle MizBratty did next.

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Similar to Bratty except Bratty doesn't bother with the cheating - she just claims to be vegan one minute than not vegan the next minute LOL.

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I flunked almost every Math class I ever took since Alegbra and still managed to get a degree in Econ. (Im just really stubborn...)

It doesnt sound like Bratola McBratiola has any sort of stick-to-itness is the theme I see. But as the story unfolds...cant wait to see if anything "stuck"

Plus her rudeness...yikes shes hopefully in for more "rude awakenings"????

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Okay you may need to update on the Thanksgiving ASAP, I mean I think we could all see where the school stuff was going, the not getting picked up as a volunteer was a curve, but now I must know what she did on Thanksgiving...the sainted food holiday!

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LI is probably going through this as we speak down in FL. I'm sure she is still trying to fill up her schedule with gen Ed studies so as to avoid the actual classes she needs for her career as a medical examiner but that can't go on forever. Eventually she will have to take a math or science course somewhere along the way.

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Should we get them together for a study date ROFL

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When ex SD did poorly in her classes or placements, it was not her fault apparently...

The lecturers and teachers were :"f ing useless" and her mentors "had it in for her" 

You get the picture...