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Breaking News: Grandma McBratFace to Bratty - Don't Visit Me!

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We interrupt the Bratty Chronicles for more breaking Bratty news!!!

Bratty is in the process of applying to schools for another post-bacc program as she still wants to pursue medical school.  One of those schools is in the mid-west and about an hour's drive from Grandma McBratFace's home.  Grandma is 87 years old and lives in a senior living community.  SO's sister lives nearby and stops by daily to help Grandma with her medicine, etc.  Although Grandma is still doing well for her age, she suffered a small stroke a couple of years ago that has impacted her memory and cognition.

So last month Bratty called Grandma out of the blue and said she would be visiting soon since she wanted to see this school.  Grandma initially said, that's nice but not until I'm vaccinated (Bratty works in a clinic and was already vaccinated).  So Bratty scheduled time in May to visit Grandma and booked her flights, and sent an email around to the whole extended family bragging that she was vaccinated, etc but would take any precautions for Grandma's safety.

I first looked at Bratty's flights (and I don't know why they sent the whole itinerary to everyone) and said to SO it was problematic.  Bratty booked wierd flights that involved 6+ hour layovers (as opposed to the zillion direct flights from the Bay Area to Chicago) and got into O'Hare at a very early time in the morning (5 am).  So it would be a real hassle for someone to go pick up Bratty at that hour, and plus it was a weekday so SO's sister would be working (she's a teacher).  SO said Bratty would figure it out on her own.

So a couple of weeks later SO and Grandma were talking (each kid calls Grandma on a certain day of the week to help orient her and SO's day is Friday) and Grandma complained about the flights and said she would pay for a direct flight instead.  SO said he thought Bratty might get offended but to go ahead and offer that.  

Next I heard Grandma was so upset and fearful of Bratty's visit (particularly the flights with the long layovers) that she planned to email Bratty this weekend and tell her not to visit.  SO spoke to his sister on Saturday morning and she explained that Grandma has a lot of anxiety about people visiting and exposing her to COVID even with vaccinations.  And she thinks all young kids are partying like the images on the news from spring break kids in Florida.  When SO's other sister visited from CA (she is an RN) Grandma quarantined for 2 weeks after even though both had been vaccinated, as an example of her fear level.

We haven't heard if Grandma sent Bratty an email yet or not but stay tuned....


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She can attend graduate school in Mexico and live with that elderly Mexican lady

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It is NOT Bratty.

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for the flight and says she is paying for the post-bacc with mostly loans and some of her own savings...

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Bratty saids ?   Right she save that amount of money ?  Normally any post medical program takes some type of test to be taken before. 

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She has some savings that Grandma gifted to the grandkids over the years.  The rest she says will be loans.

She hasn't taken the MCAT yet that I'm aware of but it isn't required for the post-baccs, only for the actual medical school application which may or may not ever happen.

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So here is my fear, Bratty does become a doctor, but she's one of those doctors who ignore symptoms or thinks she knows better than more experienced doctors. She's just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

As for grandma, why offer to pay for anything, they should just be honest and let Bratty know that her flights don't work with their schedules and she will need to seek alternate transportation once she arrives. Also she will need to seek alternative lodging as grandma does not feel comfortable hosting her at this point in time.

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I don't really expect Bratty to make it through med school.  She may get into one but drop out after a year or two.  She doesn't do well in pressure sitations where she has to perform on a level playing field with others, generally.  More specifically she does not have an aptitude for math or science, and lacks the focus and discipline to compensate with extra studying. 

Hopefully she does this one additional post-bacc, takes the MCAT, and decides to stop there before she gets deeper into debt.

Grandma has a hard time saying no...agreed it would be easier to just tell it like it is but SO's family doesn't operate that way.  Mine would have called my 5 seconds after seeing those flights to tell me to change them, LOL.

Bratty is also opposed to staying in a motel and believes she is entitled to stay with family - so if Grandma follows through on saying no I think it will be a huge sh*t storm.  Plus, Bratty will be embarrassed because she bragged to everyone about her visit so now she'll have egg on her face - which never sits well with a narc.



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My guess is that she will drop out of this post-bac program too. She wants the status of being a doctor, not the hard work. 

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Or she may finish but not with grades needed for a US med school and decide to pursue something else.  Of course that would be sensible so maybe she'll keep trying.  Who knows.  On the bright side at least she'll be busy for a year LOL.

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Is it even remotely possible that bratty is heading to med school to find herself a husband who will take care of her? 

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And doesn't want to get married or have kids.  So, nope, don't think that's it.  I think she believes being a doctor sounds impressive so that's why she's doing it.  She believes she is destined for greatness.

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As the daughter who is overseeing my 97yo mothers care, i can say that back when she was in her 80's, like I assume Grandma is, she just wasnt up to hosting anybody, grandchild or not.  That's physically and mentally.

As myself at 76, I just turned down my GD's request to move in with BF for awhile as they moved to this city.  That was based on DH83's inability to cope, physically and mentally.

Grandkids don't understand the changes aging brings and still think of the GPs as their younget, more active, sharper selves.


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Grandma still gets visits from her adult kids but the grandkids, even the adult grandkids, seem to really stress her out.  And at 87 even slight changes in routine are stressful.  But she won't come out and say 'don't visit' or 'don't let the grandkids visit alone' either - so she sends mixed signals.  

I think she wants the visits but when they become a reality the fear sets in and she wants to cancel.  SO mentioned her mother (his grandmother) got like this near the end of her life - paranoid and anti-social.  To the point where SO's mom would visit unannounced as pre-planning it would cause great stress and anxiety.

SO and I were planning to visit for a couple of days on our way to Florida in late July but obviously we're also re-thinking how we do that as well (maybe a hotel).  But we'll cross that bridge in a couple of months.

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Grandma lives in a senior living community. The ones near me still have Covid restrictions on visitors. 

Grandma is wise to close up her home. If she is too welcoming, and Bratty is nearby, she could end up with a frequent visitor. Somehow I doubt that Bratty is the best of guests. 

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To be honest cancelling may be the best thing - I didnt' see that visit going well and I also thought Bratty would try to free-load alot if she did end up going to school there for a year.  And I don't think Grandma's up for that.

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Its a 55+ community but not assisted living - so Grandma has a 2 bedroom single family home so no COVID restrictions from the community.  Just her own fear/nervousness.

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SO's sister said she would talk more about it with Grandma so its possible she might reconsider.  But if she does cancel altogether I think Bratty is going to have a meltdown - will just have to see whether its a minor meltdown or worse.

Plus, one of the other reasons that Grandma mentioned to SO on the flight schedules was that a 'young girl shouldn't be traveling alone with long layovers at airports'.  If Grandma does cancel I hope she doesn't mention that because Bratty will implode.

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LOLLL grandma will be written off!! Now... why doesn't  someone just flat out tell her grandma doesn't want you visiting.. end of story.  Also, most flights you can cancel with COVID so I doubt she would even lose any money. 

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Everyone's scared of offending Bratty, LOL.  I assume when SO calls his Mom on Friday he'll ask about it so we'll see if she sent an email or not.  Or maybe asks SO to break the news.

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In those online therapy sessions, because now she is causing Bratty to not feel wanted and she will be "triggered" by Gmas responses and Gma is probably going to cause a "relapse", but it will still be YOUR stay in Gmas good graces.

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I feel like she'll probably say I badmouthed her to Grandma, etc.  Nope.  I only see her on the family zoom calls.  And there's no way Grandma's going to therapy because Bratty was triggered again hahaha.

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I can't see Bratty making it through actual medical school. Right now she is taking general courses, once she has to start clinicals, where there is criticism, long hours, and intense pressure she will crumble. 

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If she even makes it that far!

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Maybe bratty will write a letter to Grandmama on how she was offended and of course CC the therapist on this.

Poor brattymcbratface nothing goes her way. 

There really should be a movie starring Bratty . The poor victim SD, the evil SM and daddio who married her. All at the expense of bratty's mental health.  


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Because Grandma also told SO a 'young girl' shouldn't be travelling alone with long connections as it 'wasn't safe or proper'.  That will go over really well with Bratty.

For everyone's sake, if Grandma does cancel, I hope she leaves it at 'i'm scared of covid' and doesn't mention the other stuff.  That will put Bratty on the war path for sure.