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Breaking Bratty News...

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I am interrupting my chronicles of steplife to share some breaking news regarding Bratty McBratFace...

Bratty was rear-ended last Friday while stopped at a Stop Sign.  She called SO upset saying the whole back end of the car was 'crumpled' and there was 'glass everywhere'.  In reality, it was a fender bender and the it was mostly a damaged bumper and some scratches.  Bratty said she was fine but the other driver didn't want to involve the police because they had no insurance and the car was unregistered.  They said they would pay for the damage and took Bratty's phone number but left without providing his phone number or any information to Bratty.

SO told Bratty to call 911.  Now, Bratty was very involved in marches, etc. last summer for BLM.  She posted many times about defunding the police and 'All Cops Are Bast*rds' and that she would 'never' call the police for help.  Did Bratty stand by her ideals and not involve the police this time?  Of course not - she called 911 right away.  

They told Bratty they don't come out for minor accidents and to just call her insurance company, which Bratty ended up doing.  The damage came to $1500 and the other driver did text Bratty later and 'promised to pay'.

Also, Bratty's old bucket of bolts car failed smog inspection.  Of course she waited until the last minute to take it for a smog test so had no time to make repairs.  Her registration expired at the end of February and she told SO that she 'negotiated with the DMV', paid the registration and would make repairs 'later'.  Her stickers are 'in the mail'.  I just rolled my eyes when SO told me and said sure, the stickers are in the mail and will arrive on the horn of the pink unicorn the DMV attached them to.  HA HA HA.

Any bets on how much $$$ in fines Bratty racks up in the next few months?



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I think the best way to signal to our children that we have confidence in them is to allow them to adult and sort out their own issues, with guidance.

I can see stepping in when they are just out of school and adulting for the first time, but isn't this girl in her mid 20's?

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and turns 24 in July.

SO still pays for her cell phone and car insurance, so while Bratty says she is 'independent' she is still immature and clingy.

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No!  Jeez cut the cord DH of canine!  At 24 I was done with college and my parents paid for NOTHING.

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I was on my own right after college. 

One time I had car trouble and it was an $800 repair.  I wasn't making much at the time and was spending everything I made so no savings.  I called my parents and they told me I was resourceful and would figure it out on my own.  Guess what, I did.  And I learned a big lesson about saving money that day.

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Negotiated with DMV. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Thanks for the laugh.

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Its ridiculous!

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Bratty always has drama. 

Big daddy will come to the rescue. Afterall we dont want to upset her what with her fragile mental state AND have any issues to distract her from becoming a DR. or a hard core Vegan ?? Inquiring minds wonder 

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Bratty had scheduled time with SO Saturday morning at 9 am to talk.  9 am came and went and no Bratty call.  She texted SO later at 10 am and said she couldn't talk because she had fallen asleep and was late to 'join a conference'.

Now Bratty works as a medical assistant taking histories and prepping exam rooms.  But she is busy and important and has a 'conference' to attend.  WTF.

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Because it was a workday at around 10 am and she wasn't at work.  She told SO she had taken the day off 'to help a friend move'.  On the family Zoom calls she always talks about how much 'overtime' she works.  LOL, busted.

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Bratty has friends? Guess there is someone for everyone

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But I don't think its true.  I think she probably called in sick and was out shopping/wasting time/whatever.

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I think the bigger question is if anyone aside from Bratty can actually SEE these supposed "friends".  

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So I saw one 'friend' that Bratty visited with (future blog post).  Bratty was infatuated but this kid clearly just wanted to couch-surf on his vacation.  

She constantly tries to do favors for other people and then calls them her 'friends'.  Its pathetic but she is emotionally not capable of forming a lasting friendship.

In high school, SO had puchased a bunk bed for Bratty's room when he regained custody of her.  She wanted a bunk bed so she could have 'friends' sleep over.  Not only did a 'sleep over' never happen but one day SO came home and the top bunk bed was gone.  Bratty said she had 'loaned it' to a good friend who needed it.  Needless to say, the 'loaned' bed was never returned and the 'friend' it was loaned to disappeared.

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Your blogs are so well written. It feels like everyone knows her. In my mind I imagine she has short dark hair and holds up protest signs. On one side it supports XYZ and the other side ABC. That way she is always prepared.

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When I met Bratty she had gorgeous long brown hair.  Then she shaved it bald.  Then she grew peachfuzz.

Right now she has dark red hair that is shaved on one side and bob-length on the other side.  She usually ties it back for family Zoom calls but this last call left it down.  

If there is a protest, Bratty is there so I'm sure you're right about the signs!

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I'm typing up a virtue signaling bingo card as we speak (and Bratty almost has a full card!), and I say this as someone who identifies as fairly progressive on a lot of things.

She's an Insta activist, isn't she?

And how in Hell is she 24 and doesn't know what to do in an accident?  YSS is not what you would call super capable and even he knew to get a police report or at least exchange insurance information when he had a fender bender. 

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1 was her fault, she hit a parked car.  The other 2 she was rear-ended.  Yes, you think she would learn but all she knows is call Daddy.

Yep - she's all about social media posts but in real life she is a complete hypocrit.

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I think if you leave the scene of an accident without calling the police to document you can be charged with leaving the scene, and the other driver can say you hit them and they are injured?  Not sure.

Police do have their uses but most of the ones I know personally, and I know many, are abusive individuals.  And the ones who aren't abusive would never report the ones who are.  That's the point.  Not that they aren't still expected to do parts of their jobs.  And they are not qualified to deal with mental health emergencies, so that should not be part of their jobs.  Reform is needed.


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We live in California.  For minor accidents the police don't come out.  If a police report is required for insurance, you can file a written report (usually online) with the local police.

But you are required to exhance information with the other driver.  Bratty didn't think of getting out and taking a picture or getting a DL.  She just took his name and gave him her phone number.  LOL.

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Good lord her insurance has got to be sky high. Spawn and Meth Mouth are horrible drivers and always wrecking their vehicles.

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Says he will keep doing so until she is over 25 and her rates drop.  Somehow I doubt that and he'll probably keep paying it.

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But I'm skeptical that they will actually pay anything...probably will just string Bratty along for awhile.

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If he can't afford to register or insure his car, he certainly isn't going to pay to repair Bratty's.  

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Yep, DD was on the freeway and a guy was driving a pickup with a bunch of unsecured stuff.  A chair leg went through her front bumper.  Police were too backed up to come out so they exchanged information. 

Of course he never paid, his insurance was expired and he just stopped texting her back.

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So Bratty could file with their own insurance but it would be subject to a deductible which Bratty doesn't want to pay.

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Typically, the deductible for UM / UIM claims is lower than a collision deductible.  If she doesn't want to pay the deductble, then she doesn't get her car fixed.  It's that simple.

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She did decide to get it fixed, or so she told SO.  She picked a body shop that is near a bus line and will take the bus into work for the week.  We'll see if she actually does it or not.

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We did too but it wasn't worth the cost to repair. 

The guy had some super outlandish excuses too and if true, his life sucked.  One was that he had to get his leg cut off, so I guess in the big picture a hole in the bumper wasn't so bad.

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CA is not a no-fault state.  If the other driver had insurance Bratty could file a claim with that company.  Since he rear-ended her at a stop sign he is obviously at fault.  But this guy had no insurance so it makes no different.  She could take him to court but he probably doesn't have a pot to p*ss in so there would be no point.

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Yes, because the DMV is well-known for their willingness to negotiate and be flexible. (Eye roll). 

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I wonder if she believes that people believe her or if its just a way for her to avoid uncomfortable issues for her.  

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We always wonder that about SS21, too - does he believe his own lies, or does he think we are stupid, or what?

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She needs to believe her own lies to keep her fragile NPD ego functioning...

But yes, Bratty definitely thinks everyone else is stupid, that much is certain.

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I'm glad this serious acvident didnt injure Bratty.  Obviously, neither this, nor any other accident, is her fault.  I know that because all 5 of our kids had accidents in the early driving years and they were NEVER their fault.   Lol.

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I just sputtered cheap vino all over my laptop screen.  Bratty can come up with an excuse for ANYTHING.

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Maybe share the cheap vino with caninelover . Heck share with all of us who have had to cross the minefield called step life

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Please pour me a big glass Smile

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For excuses:

{insert situation here} is not Bratty's fault because:

1.  My mommy was mean to me

2.  My daddy abandoned me

3.  I am trans

4.  I have anxiety

5.  I have chronic pain

6.  I have sunburn

7.  I am overly considerate and other people take advantage of me

8.  I don't remember

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I have heard everyone of those excuses from Leech39 over the years and many more. I blame DAH and BIO HO for the way that Leech turned out. I enjoy reading your blog and everything that Bratty has done is the same thing that Leech39 did in her younger years.

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at how similar alot of these SK's are...

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"I'm so sensitive"

"I can't get a break"

"Everybody hates me"

"I was abused"

On and on and on.....

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My stepmother is MEAN to me. 

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Don't forget....

It wasn't me.

I didn't do it.

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Ex's daughter crashed her car a couple of years ago....even though she was tailgating and rear ended the car in front when it slowed down, she still maintained it "wasn't her fault"

Actually, dumbass, it WAS your fault.

But never mind, cos Daddy sorted it all out, and bought you another car.

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He actually said to me after the crash, "oh she needs a car to get around"

I said what about a bike, or getting the bus/train, or even (gasp) walking places?

He said oh no, that's not possible. WTF? 

I walked and took public transport everywhere, until I could afford to buy a car myself.

Jeeze, enabling daddies!!