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Thanksgiving Trip=great time to guilt DH and PAS SS!

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BM emailed DH the other day with a copy of the flight into for SS, as she is sending SS to visit DH's family for Thanksgiving. Obviously a good thing on her part to be maintaining ties between SS and DH's family, but undoubtedly she is partially doing this so they think she is just so wonderful.

Anyhow, at the end of the email she said, "It would be great if you could go see him while he is there."

Sibling Rivalry Intensified

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The other day DH had DD in her room and was playing with her. My DH and his family are huge baseball fanatics; it's basically tradition to play and adore the game. Naturally, one of the gifts we registered for was a "My First Baseball" that has a little rattle thing inside of it. DH had DD on the ground, and she was swatting away at the ball. He'd push it back to her, she'd swat. He was in hog heaven that she loved it! It was super cute.

He took a picture, posted it to FB, captioned it with "Daddy's little girl!" That's what got me thinking.

Let's teach our child that play dates trump phone calls with Dad.

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BM wrote DH earlier and said they'd be out and about during the phone call, so he had to call her cell instead of Skype.

DH tells her he'll figure out another time to call this week, as SS pays even less attention to the calls when they're out and about (per past experience with this).

A few minutes later, our old neighbor sends DH a message on Facebook. She has a son that SS used to play with. She tells DH that SS is over there, the boys are having fun, etc., etc.

Questioning Paternity

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For quite some time myself and some of our (DH and I's friends) have had suspicions about if SS is DH's. I questioned it long before his behavior changed, long before DH's big mistake, long before this move, long before anything that some might try to pin my reasoning on. I'm going to list my reasons for questioning this. Some of the reasons are things BM did that are behavior indicators.

curious about birthdays for ncps

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Similar to when I asked about Father's Day, I just am curious how birthdays of NCPs usually go, especially for those NCPs who live very far from their bios. DH's birthday is in a few weeks and when I tried to help SS with Father's Day when he was here it didn't yield anything good (he ignored my attempts to help and scribbled a note last minute). BM is not going to be any help to me so I can't contact I am thinking my only option is to let it pan out how it will pan out? When custody was 50/50 SS would always tell me what he wanted to get for DH and we would make it happen.

BM and SS showed DH where he stands

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It was incredibly sad.

The time for the weekly call came, and it went. DH called via Skype like four times, emailed BM, emailed SF, called BM and SF's cell phones...nothing. An hour after the scheduled time, BM emailed him back and said she was sorry, that they "lost track of time." Bullshit, woman. You know damn well what day and time this call takes place, because it's been taking place for well over half a year now.

SS has BM and DH right where he wants them...proof is in BM's email!

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After SS's rude/disrespectful behavior toward DH, DD, and myself two weeks ago, DH and I had a long discussion. During this discussion I told him that SS has DH and BM right where he wants them and that is made more and more obvious with every passing day.

I have a second to share about SS's introduction to DD.

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It was last week (thankfully DH called SS from work today). He was super rude! (Go figure).

To catch up, first...SS really hasn't changed his behavior toward DH during calls, or toward me when I say hello and such. Yes, I am still saying hello and will not stop so please spare me the lecture. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, SF is always a part of calls, and I don't participate in 100% of the call between DH and SS.

O/T--My dog totally just tattled on my cat

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in order to protect the unborn child that's in my belly.

I'm due today, and both animals have been acting a fool the last few weeks. The cat was breaking into the baby's room and lying all over her stuff, which was okay until she started to claw it. The dog has been chewing things up if/when I leave her at home, so she's been put in her crate when I leave again. Everyone, including the vet, said the cat's marking her territory and the dog just knows she's going to have to share my attention soon.