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Reinforcement that DH applying for the job overseas was the right move

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EVERY one of the people DH worked with that are his rank (and who also recently made his rank) have gotten orders to Korea. Most of them are short-notice orders, as in "pack your stuff and prepare your family, you're report date is in two months" short notice. Why? Because they have no room for people of that rank at that base anymore, so they have to send them elsewhere. The jet that his old base is known for is going out, so they have to find places to put all of these people whose careers have been spent working on that jet.

My DH is STILL putting off changing the life insurance stuff--question about this

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Nevermind the fact that he flat out told me he'd get everything figured out when I was still pregnant! DD is 6 months old now. I will NOT back off of this topic because it concerns my kid. You want to let SS be a jerk to you? Go ahead. You want to try to get BM to co-parent with you? Knock yourself out! But I'll be damned if I'm going to disengage from THIS, since it effects OUR daughter and me.

'Bout to give up on spending time with my parents when we visit the states

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I've been the bigger person. I've been polite. I've been respectful. And I'm tired of going above and beyond and getting slapped in the face.

After moving past the "I'm not staying with you" deal, I wrote my mom and asked her two things. First, if she'd be able to take a Friday off work to have a trip to the zoo with my cousin, my aunt, and the babies. My mom and this aunt were together a lot when I was younger because my cousin (her son, not the one with the baby) are like 5 weeks apart. I thought it would be nice to do that. She said yes.

SS and BM have some balls! & DH doesn't want to know the truth about paternity

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SS to DH this evening via Skype: "Just to let you know, I'm going to go visit my cousins this summer during my summer break."

Just like that. Cocky tone and all. And this is very true, because DH told him I was going back to the states with DD and maybe we could all meet up, and BM chimed in saying that SS would be going late in the summer because his cousins get out of school mid-June and have snow days to make up.

I couldn't help myself, so after the call I said, "Uh, DH, what SS said about summer break...that was pretty shocking."

DH's MRI results - Likely being med-boarded

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My DH has had four knee surgeries, two on each knee. The most recent one is the fault of the AF. CE (civil engineering) had "repaired" a storm grate on the flight line. When DD was like 10 days old, we were on base doing a bunch of paperwork to get her registered in Tricare and such, and stopped at his work so he could check in with them. He walked over to the squadron building, and on his way back to us he stepped onto the grate, which collapsed. His entire leg (he is 6'2") fell through it. The rusty metal scraped his chin all over the place, and he twisted his knee, requiring surgery.

10 points for my DH!

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I posted recently that during the last Skype call, SS told DH that he doesn't want to speak to him anymore. This week's call had to get postponed last minute because something pressing came up with DH's work, and he had no way around it. It changed to the following day, but before SS went to school (that's what (supposedly) worked for BM). BM just flat out didn't answer her phone. DH wrote her an e-mail saying he tried several times and no one answered, and he asked what a better time was since (obviously) the time she agreed to didn't work.