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The FaceTime Fight was for nothing

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DH and I got into a disagreement the other day about FaceTiming with DD and I and having SS involved.

The backstory for this is that DH and SS currently Skype every week at 8 pm our time. DD's bed time is 7 pm. When our time goes back an hour, they Skype at 7 pm, which again--is her bed time. SS hasn't seen DD in months because when she was about 6 months old, she put herself on a fabulous sleep schedule and we don't mess with it. The call switched to 8 pm in spring, which is about when her schedule became solid.

DH says he already wants to come home, and he is beyond shocked at his grandmother's condition

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He FaceTimed with me this morning, and she was screaming and wailing and crying in the background. His eyes got wide and he told me he is ready to come back home. I said, "Because of that?" and he said yes.

DH's grandma is dying--Let the drama with his family and BM commence

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DH is taking emergency leave to go spend some time with his grandma, as she was given a week to a month to live. He hasn't seen SS in like 13 months, so he bounced flying SS to meet him in his hometown off of me. I, naturally, was all for it so he can see SS, and because it means I don't have to see the kid.

Before he could work this out with BM, he had to secure his (free) ticket through the USAF and Red Cross (his grandma took care of him for more than 5 years, which makes this possible).

How many of you have stepkids that laugh in their parents' face?

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Just curious if this is a common thing amongst the skids.

SS had a huge attitude with DH on a recent call, and DH said, "Hey, watch your attitude" or something of the like.

SS laughed. LAUGHED. I was shocked. I was a biaaaaaatch to my mom when I was a teenager, and even then I never laughed at her like that.

IDK which is worse

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So my DH has casually mentioned recently that SS has gotten "SO much better" during the calls. Convenient, because I'm not around to know otherwise (though I KNOW otherwise, lol)

Today DH calls SS. I am feeding DD within earshot of the call. SS asks DH what he did today. DH starts with the beginning of the day and says, "I made breakfast for Bullet today." Upon hearing it, SS does a laugh/tisk combo and says, "Hah! Some Father's Day gift!" in a tone that read: What a bitch!

Our Trip Home

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We're back from our trip to the states, and after mulling over the 800 things I'd like to post, I've narrowed it down to the important things. Blum 3

First, I am so happy to have gotten so much advice from you guys here about how to handle certain things! So thanks Smile

My brothers...

O/T--Addressing elders that aren't aunts/uncles/grandparents in your families...

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I'm from a huge family where 2nd and 3rd cousins are more like 1st cousins, and 1st cousins are more like siblings. We grew up calling our parents' cousins (who are also our cousins, just the same age as our parents) "Aunt Kathy" or "Uncle Keith" or whatever. The same went for our parents' good friends. My parents wanted us to show respect and since those people were family, that's what was chosen.

You know what's really annoying?

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When people are so self-obsessed and preoccupied with worshipping themselves that they are ignorant to the fact that no one else falls to their feet in admiration. I can't handle when people are like, "I am SO fabulous that you just HAVE to adore me" especially when those people have been incredibly cruel to the person they are saying that kind of stuff to!