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Yes, DH's aunt, I see your true colors

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DH's aunt just posted a photo on Facebook. It was of everyone, SS included, on Thanksgiving. The caption read as follows (with fake names being used):

"The crew-taken on Thanksgiving-missing Laura, Rachel Adams and Mark, his wife and daughter"

"Mark" is my DH's fake name for the scenario.

So not only is my DD not good enough to be treated the same as SS, but now we are not good enough to use our names? Not to mention that Rachel and Laura are two of DH's DISTANT cousins that are never around and they aren't too close with those two women anymore. In five years that was the second time I've ever heard their names.

So I decide to comment. I said, "DD and I wish we could have been there, along with Mark."

Two seconds later, I get a notification that DH liked my comment. One point for him! I ask him if he knows why I said it, and he does. All of that translates to he knows she did it to be a rude bia, and he likes that I called her on it in a polite and respectful manner. I told him that she has a shovel in each hand at this point.

AH! Deep breath, hot shower, go snuggle up to my DH to watch the Band of Brothers series I just got him and let Aunt bask in her stupidity.


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Don't look at the aunt's facebook profile and block/unfriend her. Then you can't be irritated by what she posts.

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honey, my DHs' parents and family don't even acknowledge me or my girls...not a single one of them....they can all kiss my Glittery ass...wash your hands Bullet of these people...all of as Anon2009 said.....DELETE DELTE DELETE......set yourself free!!!!!!!!!!.... }:)

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You guys reminded me that I can remove her from my news feed. That is prob the best option for now so I don't have to see whatshe posts but don't have to deal with questions about why I deleted her.

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Yup, it sure is hard to ignore. Mine claimed that his Aunt wasn't ever going to be this way, she would treat SS and DD the same, etc. and now what I told him would happen is unfolding right before his eyes.

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In my family, My sister & I are still known as MyDad's Girls... My husband and son on the other hand have names. Although, they do address my son (who is a junior) as.. BSFirstName MyMaidenName Jr. Drives DH insane. Some families are crazy.