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Unbelievable comments that came out of my husband's mouth last night

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This merited its own blog, separate from the earlier one.

Thing #1:

He was talking about his cousins sons. One is 9 (we'll call him Tim) and the other is 6 (we'll call him Bob). This cousin is the daughter of his aunt (the overbearing one), the same cousin who is friends with BM on FB.

"It's so obvious that they all favor Bob over Tim, the same way it's so obvious that they all favor SS over DD. It pisses me off."

WHAT?!?!?! Did I just hear an admission that it is OBVIOUS that they favor SS over DD?! You mean the gifts of USED BOYS' CLOTHING given to DD when she was born wasn't a major clue? Well, I'll thank the heavens above that this visit helped you see that.

Thing #2:

He was talking about SS seeing DD on Skype/FaceTime, specifically when SS had a chance to see her and chose not to come up to see her.

"I've thought about it, and I don't think SS cares about seeing DD. He would've come up when Bob called him and Tim up. Even though he's almost 10, I remember being almost 10 and if I wanted something, I dropped everything. I know I should've made him come up, and I'm not sure why I didn't, but I didn't." When I told him that SS likely just wanted to see her when HE wanted to see her (meaning, he wanted to control the situation), he agreed with that. Then he said, "If it works out that DD is awake one time when I'm Skyping with him, then it works out."

Whaaaaaaaat?! Yes, ladies and gents, he has confirmed (in not so many words, as quoted above, and in so many words as he said it after the aforementioned statement) that he is done pushing a relationship between parties here.

Let's just hope this wasn't some random moment of common sense that he had!


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I hope so! I honestly think he's seen it all along, but he has chosen to pretend otherwise.

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I'm sorry that's where you are! it's not wrong at all, though, so don't feel badly.

My DH knows I won't do shit for his kid anymore, so I know that's not why he says this stuff. It was unprovoked, also, which means he wasn't saying it to appease me.