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Here comes baby #2

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We recently found out that we're pregnant again. I'm due toward the end of May.

Before DH Skyped with SS last week, I said, "You aren't telling him today, are you?" because we hadn't told all of our family and friends yet. He said no, but in a manner like he doesn't plan to tell him for a while.

I wonder how long he'll wait this time? I'm not going to ask. Not yet, anyway.

Probably a while, since SS is busy telling him all he is learning about machine guns and such through books BM gets him at the library, and how he throws girls onto the ground on the playground. Daddykins can't interrupt that!


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Thanks! We're both hoping for a boy. I have a feeling it's a boy, and hopefully I'm right (I knew DD was a girl from the get-go too).

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Awesome !!! I'll hope for a boy too! Sending good vibes your way for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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Congrat bullet! Here's hoping for your boy! Boys are the best, but I'm a little biased. Wink

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Thanks y'all! I am feeling okay. I was nauseous all day (literally) during the entire first pregnancy with DD, and it's no different this time around. I get serious food aversions, as in I only want carbs and most times I have to force myself to eat those. It sucks! Being a vegetarian, it makes me sad that I am so anti-produce, lol. It's also quite different being this exhausted with a 13 mo old running around. I've been napping daily Smile

We are quite excited Smile