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DH's greedy aunt strikes again, this time not with us

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I log on FB really quickly today and see her status (keep in mind she isn't too good with using FB). It says "DH, I tried to call the number for the house that Bullet gave me but it isn't working. My cousin died..." and goes on about that, but leaves out details.

My DH got last minute notice of an awards ceremony that he had to attend tonight, so he's there. I figured I'd be nice and call her for him because I thought if it was that important to post about publicly that maybe I needed to call my DH and get him home from the ceremony to arrange tickets back home. I mean, I have some cousins that I'm super close with AND some aunts/uncles (that are my parents' cousins, we just call them aunt/uncle) that I'm also close with and would want to know ASAP if something happened to.

The FIRST thing out of her mouth after telling me the cousin's name was, "Well, it used to be set up that IIIII was in charge of his assets and would be trusted to divide things amongst his children, but I'm not sure if it's that way anymore. I guess we'll find out if I'm the one who gets everything and goes from there, or if he changed it to be his eldest daughter." (note: this cousin's wife is dead already)

Really?!?!? Your cousin died less than 24 hours ago and that's the first thing you want to discuss? I didn't even know the cause of death yet! All she was focused on was the money. SMH.


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Ew. My ex's aunts acted like that when their mother (my ex's grandmother who raised him) died and my aunts acted like that when my grandmother died. It was shocking to me.

They had been fighting about the money for years before she actually died. I don't understand that at all.

Did the cousin have a lot of assets? That behavior seems even worse to me when it's just a piddly amount of money. My grandmother wanted all her assets to go to her grandchildren and great grandchildren. We each got about $900. it's just disgusting that her own children made a spectacle of themselves for nothing.

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Did the cousin have a lot of assets?
^^I have no idea. I'm going to ask my DH whenever he gets home from the ceremony, but I don't think he did. This is the same aunt that is in charge of all of her mother's (DH's grandmother--has Alzheimer's very badly) money and is suspected to be taking what is meant for DH and his two cousins (the only grandkids) to use for herself.

That's kind of funny that your aunts acted like that and then they got nothing!

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I know, right? I felt like giving them my check and saying something like "here, you take this. It seems like it meant a lot to you. Can I have that picture of grandma and grandpa on the beach on their honeymoon instead?"

I LOVED that pic. I used to stare at it when I was a kid, totally in awe at how attractive and vibrant and full of life they used to be. But, that would have been strirrig the hornets nest and I chose to just distance myself from the greedy biotches instead.

My dad scanned a lot of pics so I got it anyway in digital form. Blum 3

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When my MIL passed away, my SIL (who announced she was writing MIL off 3 months before she passed away & blocked me & DH on FB) called me at my job the morning after we put MIL in the ground.

When I answered the phone she said, "Hey girl, what a nightmare this week has been. Thanks for being there for mama when I "couldn't be". Did you & DH find a will?"

People get disgusting about class, no respect, no shame.

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I hope you responded with "Yes there is a will."

And then cut off communications with her.

My little sister has been putting sticky notes with her name on it, on my parents possessions for years. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

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I told her I didn't know & she could call DH.

MIL didn't have a lot. She & FIL were both collecting disability. Unfortunately, it isn't possibly to will your debt to somebody, or SIL would've gotten it all.

MIL has a ring with her mother's diamond, her diamond from DH's & SIL's dad, & some smaller diamonds set around them from a watch she'd gotten for 20 years of service at her job. It's a really pretty ring & MIL had planned on passing it to SIL...until SIL announced the write-off.

The ring was discussed a number of times & MIL finally decided she absolutely did not want it to go to SIL. She considered giving it to SIL's daughter but she works in the morgue at the hospital MIL spent her last 3 months in & failed to ever make it up to the 9th floor to visit her once.

FIL suggested the idea of giving it to SD, but DH won't entertain that idea as long as BM is living.

So, the ring sits at the bank in a lockbox until SIL or BM dies.

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It is just sickening.

Hopefully, she will get everything...and hopefully it is all DEBT.

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I totally agree with you guys! It's so sad how people fight over stuff like this. My DH called her when he got home, and she was saying how SHEEEE thinks that they (this cousin's family) need to do x and y but they won''s not her choice! SMH

This motivated me, though. I've been meaning to compose a document that will accompany our will, which outlines what I want done with my items (jewelry, all of my *expensive* vintage clothing, my wedding gown, etc.) if I die, and I did it this morning.