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Best response to a CPS threat ever!

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It doesn't come until the end, but watching this entire clip is so worth it. A friend shared this with me, as we were discussing on FB the same topic I blogged about here yesterday.


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That made me think of what I always used to have to tell my mom. See, she was way harsher on me than my brothers. I had the earliest curfew, the most rules...but I was the best behaved. She was pretty mean to me, actually. I have a note still that I wrote her when I was in 7th grade that told her she hurt my feelings when she said I looked slutty in a pair of pants I had worn (which were likely just tight, since this was in the 90s).

Anyhow, when I was in high school she was yelling at me about being late. I was sick of her yelling at me over small things and making huge deals out of nothing, so I said, "You know, mom, half of the girls I was in Girl Scouts with all through elementary are either on drugs, pregnant, already have kids, or are on probation. Those girls deserve to be spoken to this way, but me? I got home late. If you'd like, I can go and get pregnant so you have something to yell about."

I was sassy when I needed to be Blum 3

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This reminds me of one of my carpool runs with the car full of HS football players. One of the boys is telling me how he thinks his mom is so stupid and how he tells her so all the time. I look at my son and say "Hey DS, what would happen to you if you ever spoke to ME that way?"
DS looks towards the back of the car and says "Believe me, I wish my mom was White, because if I did that? I'd be carried out of my house in a stretcher."
I fully believe in kicking your kids ass if they deserve it. Of course, in the privacy of your own home, I'd never do it on a busy street or anything. Who needs witnesses? }:)

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When my BD was 14 she got in trouble for having kids in the house while I was at work. My Mom was with me that afternoon when I got home and I made BD friends leave. BD walked out side and told her friends

"I should just kick her ass."

I know she didn't think I heard her but I did. It really pissed me off, back then I worked 2 full time jobs just to have what we had. Little ungrateful heifer.
So I stormed out the door behind her and told her that

"If you want to kick my ass so bad I'll let you have the first punch."

All her friends hauled ass home.

BD said "I'll call the cops if you hit me."

I said "I will beat your ass before I go to jail and I will beat your ass when I come out of jail. Because do you really think my Mother who by the way beat my ass would let me sit in jail."

BD hauled ass to her home and got grounded for a while. LOL Needless to say she never said anything about beating my ass again.

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LOL Russell Peters makes me proud to be Canadian Biggrin

But this was like a situation I had with SS11 just a few hours ago. He kept threatening to call the police and have DH charged (for, get this...not getting him any candy at the store! SS11 had been going at it all morning with SD9, calling her names and threatening her, so DH didn't get anything for him when he went to the store), so I come out and I told him "Go ahead. Call them. I dare you" (childish, I know, but this kid was really getting on my last nerve, acting like he was so tough). I then went on to tell him that we'd only tell the police the situation and suggest he move into a boys' home to straighten out his behaviour - the cops were called on him before (THREE times), so he's got kind of a reputation with them!