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"Why did you take SS from me on Mother's Day"... **EYEROLL**

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BM has accidentally called or texted DH in the middle of the night (2am) at LEAST a dozen times in the past 6 months. When questioned "why did you call me at 2 am", her response is always "I must have rolled over on to my phone while I was sleeping". Meanwhile she has dozens of angry posts on FB at the same time. So, no, you weren't asleep. Crack head.

This past week, BM saw SS for about an hour and a half, one day. (This past weekend was "her weekend" and when she could typically spend time with him, haven't heard a peep from her. She's a ghost). Thursday night, she text DH at 2 am "I am GOING to meet Kyla", a few minutes later "You should just suck it up and let me come back". Obviously neither text meant for DH, especially considering he was out of the state for work. DH replies the next morning, "Why are you texting me random crap at 2 am. Normal people are sleeping at this time. This has happened so many times. Get your sh*t straight". She replied "my friend was in labor, that's why I was texting in the middle of the night". Well, that's not true, her friend that was pregnant, had her baby 2 weeks ago. I know this because she text me and said "This is BM, I don't know if you have this number, just wanted to let you know that my friend had her baby last night". I never responded. I don't give a shit. Then she decides it is a good time to "reprimand" DH for not letting her spend the entire day on Mother's Day with SS. "Since I have your attention, why don't you tell me why you took SS from me on Mother's Day, just to go to the mall?".

DH's response earned him lots of pleasures.

"Really? You want to go there? You haven't just figured it out on your own? Ok, I'll tell you if you REALLY need me to spell it out for you. You have gotten SS on Mother's Day for the past 11 years. During that time, you have slowly become less and less of a mom to him. This year being the icing on the cake. You have not been a mom to him AT ALL. So now, the person that we celebrate Mother's Day for with SS, is my wife. It doesn't matter where we were or what we did, we did it as a family, because that is what we are. So, until you decide that being a MOM is more important than whatever it is you do with yourself, you can have breakfast with him, and my wife gets the rest of the day. The tables have turned, and it's 100% your fault. We tried. You didn't want him. You have made that clear".

No response.

DH is my hero.


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Haha! Seriously, what kind of answer did she expect? She gets put in her place every time she comes at either of you with this stupid crap.

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Say it once, say it again - you have the best guy ever!!!
Glad to hear you are still dealing with the crazy so well