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BM's Bday...

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We must have forgotten that it is a National Holiday 


For about 2 weeks prior to her "special day" (because at 38 you need to  make a HUGE deal of your bday I suppose), she was texting SS daily asking him if she can see him on or around her bday. He mostly ignore the messages, but eventually he responded with "I'll ask". So then it was a few days of "what did your dad say??". Well, SS never asked, and to be honest, we didn't even realize it was her bday week, so we weren't thinking to ask him if he wanted to see her. Besides, he's 14, he's too old for us to ask him that. If he wants to see her, he knows to speak  up.

So FINALLY, 2 days before her day SS tells DH "BM wants to see me for her bday, she wants to meet me at the mall". DH says "if you want to, and your grandpa is there, it's up to you". SS texts BM "is gpa gonna be there?". (this is a court order BTW) BM says no, but since we are meeting at the mall I figured it would be ok, we will be in public. Ummmmm... no, that's not how that works. SS doesn't even say anything else to DH, just responds to her with "I can't see you if gpa isn't there". BM responds "I don't think your dad is being very fair". SS is so mature, because I would have flipped alllll my sh*t on her. He says "Dad is just trying to protect me, and it's a court order. It's illegal for me to see you without gpa". So she changed her tune. Saying that she will ask gpa if he can help on Tuesday so they can see each other (that would be today). 


BM's dad and stepmom have decided they don't want to accomodate visits anymore. It's awkward and they told her "we aren't interested". Apparently this is why she was trying to arrange the "alone time". Even telling SS at one point that the "alone time" was gpa's idea so they can start working on their relationship. This is not the truth. Whatever. 

Later that night after BM tried to bad mouth DH, at about 11:30, ss was asleep, it was a school night, BM text him. He saw it when he got up and said "WHAT?". She has sent him a text that was very obviously meant for Meth Man. And... they were fighting. Something abouth him leaving to visit another girl, and him not texting her back hurts her just as much. Blah blah blah. BM never acknowledged that she sent that text. She text him the next day like nothing happened. He didn't text OR call her on her bday and hasn't said a word to her at all since she sent the wrong text to him. 


Oh well. Happy Birthday BM



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Court orders are just a suggestion you know.

I always feel so bad for that kid, but am so glad he has such a great family to support him.

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Some people just don't get it... 

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I was just telling my BFF the other day, I can't believe she hasn't at least attempted that. Not that I wish that on ANYONE, but with everything she has put HERSELF through, it wouldn't surprise me. 

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Ahh the good old days, I remember the time meth ex drove off a cliff and she sent a photo of her messed up face by accident to SD, who started texting her freaking out, turns out the text was for her dealer junkie boyfriend at the time (probably showing him why she couldn't hook that night).

Good on your SS he's smart enough not to play into her BS.

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I admire your SS. Most kids would’ve been sucked into the drama. SS must have gotten your DH genes. Smile

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Thank goodness. DH and SS both HATE drama, which makes life easier for me. 

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She is really something else. She is not going to gain any brownie points by lying to SS. And certainly not by sending him texts that were meant for Meth Man!

What an idiot.