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BM and her STUPID Social Media crap

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SO BM's FB posts have been a source of entertainment for all of us. I don't log on and look anymore, but DH does, and he tells me when there is something disturbing there. Because she posts her every damn move, that is usually how we find out that she is up to no good. She makes herself out to be such a fool, she is a FOOL, but she just puts it all out there for the world to know what an idiot she truly is. She has literally posted about being fired from jobs, filing for BK (which she never followed through with) every single fight she ever gets in to is blasted everywhere, every time she is so broke she has no food, or has no gas money whatever it is. She posts it. Yesterday she posted that she has to be out of her house by the 15th, and she still has no where to live. A few hours later it was something about "if you don't have anything nice to say then kick rocks". So apparently someone had something "not nice" to say about her or her situation. Whatever. Lame.

I shared a few weeks back that BM was following DH's work FB page. Not his personal one, we don't do FB, but the one that his company runs. There are a handful of pictures of him on there and a few of him and I at work events. I called her out on it, she never responded. Well, I just got an email from DH that says "Why the eff did BM just add me on Google+" HAHAHAH REALLY? We don't use Google+. DH tried it out for a little while about 4 years ago, or more. So there are a few pictures and posts but he didn't use it for long and there is nothing exciting on there. Really just a lot of him telling me he loves me and misses me. He was traveling a lot at that time. Uhhh, I dunno babe, she is an effin' weirdo. I went in and blocked her. Turned out, she was following me too, I just never noticed.

Chicks got issues.

Also, she text DH yesterday and said she is moving in with this guy that they both used to be friends with a LONG time ago. This guy is a recovering meth addict and is the one that got her to go to the ONE NA meeting last month. She is upset that she can't take her dogs and cats. So... I don't know if this will actually happen. She has always told me she would live in a tent before she took her dogs to the pound. She's having a hard time finding homes for them.

I know that recovering addicts a lot of times have a soft spot for addicts and try to save them. I just hope he helps her, and she doesn't bring him down instead. That's a huge risk on his part.


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Jesus, I feel bad for the pets. They end up getting the short end of the stick most of the time. And if they are adults, they likely will be euthanized before they get adopted.

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They are 4 and 6 years old. And one is a pit-mix, which would for sure sit at the pound until euthanized. Our pound is overwhelmed with pit mixes, no one will adopt them.

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I swear she probably googled you and your DH to find every social media outlet you are on and leeches onto them. It's probably also her crutch to keep using. Some BM's really can't handle it well when their Ex's move on with their lives. She probably stalks your pages, gets depressed, gets on a binder, uses SS as a quick pick me up when she's really low and then rinse and repeats. Poor dogs, she doesn't want to get rid of them because they don't judge her for what she is, they just love.