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Proud of DH/God SS is hard headed

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So for the past week since SS came back from his week at his mom's he has been awful in so many ways. But one of the big things has been him and food/batheing, since the two of those are things he thinks he can control. So I have had so many issues with him eating all week but he had given in to my awesome powers though and eventually eaten but on Saturday with his dad here things came to a head. DH made mac&cheese, which SS likes and he was hungry but he decided he wanted to protest mean old dad and me so he didn't eat lunch. DH told him if he didn't eat it for lunch he was eating it for dinner, Dh was true to his word and while we had fetticene alfrado SS had to eat his mac&cheese.........he wouldn't eat it. DH told him fine but you are having it for breakfast. Fast forward to Sunday morning DH puts him at the table with his bowl of mac&cheese........SS ate two bites and said he wouldn't eat it. So that afternoon DH took SS to see grandma(My MIL) she offered to buy pizza and DH told her no SS would be eating Mac&cheese and until he did he would not be eating anything else. Go DH he stood up to his busy body mom and asserted that he was the parent and his rules would stand. So DH brings SS home and offers the mac&cheese to him agian, SS says no and then starts crying and saying that fine he just won't eat until he goes back to BM's..........he doesn't go back to BM's for 2wks. DH still didn't give in just said you are hungry and we are offering you food if you don't eat thats your choice. Dinner roles around and I told DH to make fresh mac&cheese because the dish from yesterday was not good to heat up agian. So DH makes fresh mac&cheese and tells SS this ends here sit at the table and eat just one bowl and this will all be over and we can get on with it. So SS sits and eats one bite, gags and you can see him making him self throw up, DH didn't give in and said fine throw up but you will still be eating the mac&cheese..........SS gave in and ate that mac&cheese. Usually DH will dicipline but when it gets tough DH will give up..the whole he is going to do it anyway so whats the point thing that men do.......but he didn't give in this time and SS ate and we all went about our day after that. Yesterday he tried it a little at dinner with me but I told him if he didn't eat it then he would have it for breakfast and after the weekend he knew I would so he ate. A small victory but a victory and DH and I are taking it.


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YAY!!! Kudos to DH!!!

You seriously have to show these skids with adult spousal status (bestowed to them usually by the BM) who is boss!!

VERY proud.

ONe hint: don't be OVERLY congratulatory b/c DH will 2nd guess himself.

"HMMMM SM says I did the right thing by disciplining Junior, so I MUST have been TOO HARSH if SM thinks I did the right thing!" And then the 180 ensues.

You can do the: "Wow I know that was tough to do but it's SOOO much better to help SS learn how to cooperate; it's too bad we have to put our foot down sometimes." (insert sad, yet sympathetic, wistful face)

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Thats what I thought to so I didn't go over board with the praise to him, when he asked me if he was doing the right thing I would just say "whatever you think is best dear". When it was all over I just told him he handled it well and left it at that. I'm just happy he did it on his own, he saw a problem with his kid and took care of it without me having to point it out and make him do it.