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There. I said it.

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I want to do Christmas' separate. My kids. His kids. Because frankly, I want to get my kids more. There. I said it. We've been kicking around ideas of when & what & who for a few weeks now. Please note the reasons are many. Simply put, my step kids are on the naughty list. Haha. They're not fun to give to. They're ungrateful, rude & unenthusiastic when they are given anything. Who has to prompt a damn 13 year old to say "thank you"?!?! Eh. Do you do Christmas gifts together with skids & yours or separate & why?


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Instead of a $ amount we do a number of gifts. Like 1 "toy-type gift" (ie: video game, bean bag, Barbie) & "clothing gift" (ie: sweatshirt, coat, hat) "hygiene gift" (ie: nail polish, cologne, lotion, body wash) "family gift" (ie: board games, movies, popcorn tin)
As you can see the $ amount wouldn't be the same. 50$ video game. 10$ Barbie. Etc.

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When you have teenager & 7 year old. And all in between. I
We can't. Teenage gets snowboard. 7 year old gets 34 Barbies. Hah

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The dollar amount per kid is a good idea. I don't have any bios either but we place a $ limit on gifts for each of DH's kids. For teens, the best gift is a gift card lol. No matter what you buy it will never be what they want, therefore a gift card works great.

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Dh and I have always done shopping together for the most part. But I do always get my kids a few extras for when skids go their moms and get gifts from her so my kids get gifts from me their mom.

However my skids have always been for the most part happy for their gifts. I have a rare set if skids that like me and I enjoy being around them. It's just the Bm.

Also when we have skids on Christmas day Santa comes to our house only and when Bm has them on Christmas day Santa comes to her home only

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That's how Santa works our homes as well. It's funny when SS9 asks if Santa knows to go to both houses. I tell him that I have Santa email address and other contact info, therefore every year I make sure Santa knows where to go. I also tell them Santa owes me some favors because while DH and I were deployed to Iraq together we protected Santa as he flew over us. Wink

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We shop together also. I just want to reward the kids on the nice list. Haha. Which is mine. Hahahahaha DH agrees on them being on the nice list. It's not that I'm bias. Smile

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I love your posts, they are as is you are taking the words out of my mouth.
We no longer shop together for gifts. I also have been practicing the separate gift opening. Best thing I ever did. SD is such a spoiled brat. Not to mention rude, and ungrateful. Can't really stomach her for very long. thanks for listening.

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Thank you. I feel like when I'm prompting the step kids to say thank you I am parenting infants. I haven't had to tell me kids to say thank you since they were 2-3 years old. Wtf?!?! I get sick of prompting & DH is 1/2 the time (or maybe 3/4 the time) oblivious to their rudeness. Do you not blog? I looked. Said nothing.

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I feel the same way. I have my girls 24/7 I am primary and I carry the majority of the burden of Christmas for them every year. My DH has his one daughter 3 times a year for a total of about 6 weeks, her mother has primary custody. She needs to do the majority of Christmas. I dont mind giving to SD who lives with her BM but I dont plan on giving the same amount. MY kids buy their own clothes with their Christmas money which saves me money.

SD17 walked out of the house because she cant handle the rules. She lives with MIL. Personally I would rather not give to her at all but ...I digress.

Im doing 350.00 a piece for my kids. He can do 200.00 for his. If you want to be part of the Christmas fun you have to be part of the family.