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Stepson is driving me to Jamaica

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Football meeting on night kids are with us. BUT SS12 got an F last grading period.

He gets in the car... His 9 year old sister is talking, he interrupts. DH says for him to stop, she is talking. He begins to cry. No shit. He's almost 13. This is important. So DH says ok what? SD9 left for shit AS ALWAYS JUST LIKE SHE WAS IN THE WOMB WHEN HER MOM WAS BANGING AN 18 YEAR OLD SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL!!! (Yeah I will never let that go, between you & I) The big crying panic?! There's a football meeting tonight. Okay. What time? He doesn't know 5 or 530. They wouldn't tell him. No one would give him a flying. Starts to cry. He's ALWAYS bullied. DH is driving. I call school. Ask what time & where is football meeting tonight. It's at 6. Also ask for coaches phone numbers.

You would think the fit is over, right? You think now SD9 can speak. Nope. SS12 still needs attention. He begins throwing a fit over a zipper on backpack. Kicking my seat. My 42k car, leather seat... That I'm sitting in. DH reaction, "what's wrong with your back pack?" ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! TRY WHATS WRONG WITH YOUR FUCKING INABILITY TO BEHAVE YOUR DAMN SELF--- pull the damn car over stat! Your damn kid is kicking your car, your leather seat, your wife is sitting in it, she had a stroke 2 months ago! What the hell?! His response. IT'S A PIECE OF SHIT! DH says. Don't cuss. That's it. On to SD9 NOPE! Still more fits. The kids at school are ASSHOLES. DH don't cuss. Blah blah. (I zoned out... Started thinking about going to Jamaica)

We get home. Kids & DH exit car. I stay in. I call coach. Ask if it's independent of school or if it's a school sport. The coach asks why I'm asking. I have not identified myself, so I just say "my son received a failing grade during the last grading period & I know the school policy is he cannot participate in spring sports as a result, so if football is a school program, we will not attend the meeting." His reply, "No it's not a school sport, it is independent & if you allow your son to play with failing grades, that's not our business that you don't have that value system in your home." I was speachless. Because FOR MY KIDS I DO. but I had already identified myself as mom by saying "my son". Awwkkkkk.

So. I go in. I ask DH what was SD9 wanting to tell us. He doesn't know, I say he should ask her. He doesn't seem interested. I'm in overload BIG TIME. I go back outside & sit on porch. DH follows. Asks what's wrong. I say it's too much sometimes. Just too much. I don't understand. I tell him what coach said & how I had no response bc I identified myself as mom. & I realize it's not up to him, it's bio moths decision & I say I don't get the swearing & the kicking & the fit & no consequences. He says "what should I tell him he doesn't get to do football cause he said shit and asshole? It's all he cares about." I say HE ALSO HAS AN F & he's terribly behaved & IT'S NOT UP TO HIM ANYWAYS!!! BUT what about the swearing & kicking my seat???? He just went in--- I thought to go discipline him. NOPE.

It's hard to interact with an almost 13 year old with a tit- shaped mouth!!!! & SD is off riding her bike in a circle bc now SS12 is upstairs crying bc a big group of kids walked by our house (our nephew was with them) & he ran is saying they are ALL DICKS. Nothing happened. DH was there.

A big problem is. Sports. Grades. Mouth. Family. 7th grade. You swear all the time, you get F's, your mom is known for being with 18 year olds around town, you can't play sports bc of grades. This is kinda where decisions are made on who you are gunna be.

I want to go to Jamaica. With SD9. Haha. And my kids. Of course. At this point I don't even know about DH. Sheesh. What the hell?!

Please note. I do not swear on front of children & rarely ever verbally. Mainly just in writing.


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^ this

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Yeah I'm having a talk with him tonight. I'm seriously going to leave for 2 weeks if he doesn't wake up. I don't have my kids for 2 weeks bc of spring break schedule. Ugh.

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She wanted to tell us that there was a reward night at the school going on & wondered if we could go.

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Even tho I REALLY did not want to do anything. I went with. DH went with stepson to meeting. I went with stepdaughter to reward night.

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Poor kid....she's really getting the short end of the stick. And your DH KNOWS this and could care less, by his actions. SMH

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Jeez that was stressful to even read. SS needs a good spanking, well probably an ass whoopin. That is a lot...I'm sorry you're dealing with this.

And poor SD...I hate it when good kids get masked by unruly ones...

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That's how I feel. I think it's all way stressful. Way over the top. Need to pull the reins & say STOP but DH just wants to talk it out. Can't spank. So he thinks he can't do anything. I say make him sit at kitchen table in silence for a 5 min cool down. Then talk to him. I said DONT CALL IT A TIME OUT. it's not to humiliate him. It's to cool him down. The kid is needing some help. Obviously.