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Notes in SD9 suitcase

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I'm going to try to type this without swearing. I'm not suppose to be getting upset. I had a doctor appointment today. (Stroke on 1/16) My heart rate was 146 Sad at rest. I can't remember my blood pressure w/o looking at paper. No reason other than stress. Because of loss of hearing & eye sight in one eye we are doing an MRI to rule out some type of growth in brain. If everything looks good, I'll be going on blood pressure medication. Sad So anyways. I'm going to try to stay calm...

Bio mom sends a USELESS suitcase for stepdaughter9. It's filled with scuzzy clothing. She is a chunky size 8/9 & she sends size 6. & they are "play clothes" as my DH calls them. They aren't even what I would use for camping clothes. We have clothes for her. It's unnecessary to send these shitty clothes. She sends a bag of "medications" all sorts of crap. Tylenol, Motrin, Tums, etc. Like we don't have this shit?! And like a 9 year old (who is delayed maturity- putting it nicely, should be in control of) We have a swimsuit, we have a toothbrush, hair brush, underwear, socks, clothing, medication, coats, jackets, etc... All these clothes & shit do is make it odd for us "How about you wear this instead, bc those jeans cannot button & they are 5 inches above your shoes..." And then she looks at us like we are judging her ugly ass scuzzy belly button showing, can't zip your pants clothes that are not appropriate at all. AND when we pick the kids up from school midweek she's in them too so it's not like they're just packed special for our house.

If this isn't bad enough bio mom has begun sending "notes" and "adult information" in stepdaughter9's suitcase as of the past 2 times. 1. On a piece of notebook paper "I'll be thinking of you this Tuesday, bio mom" (we had them for weekend, Tuesday was DH birthday) 2. Not in envelope, legal letter from attorney. (Hello we have an attorney, we get a fucking copy)

You DO NOT SEND THAT SHIT IN YOUR 9 YEAR OLDS BAG. It is clear she is in charge of suit case. It's a squirreled up mess. I have seen these two items bc she has been leaving her scuzzy ass shit at our house so I've been rooting thru it Sunday afternoon to make sure she got it all balled up in there. (I don't fold it, wash it, nothing... She only wears what she wears to our house & wears what she wears back... If she's able to, otherwise she wears whatever from our house home, I don't care either way)

Both occasions I have thrown away the items. What the fuck. Weird as shit. She sent a "sorry to bother you, happy birthday" text on DH birthday. She's married. Um. We are married. She was f'n 1/2 the town on the birthdays they were married! He didn't respond. She didn't have the kids call to say happy birthday. That's what he cared about. His response was "what an attention slut, typical" (to me) As far as sending a legal letter, without an envelope, let alone in the child's suitcase, let alone at all... TOTALLY INSANE!!! Again threw it out. When you have an attorney you get a notice of how the document was delivered to the opposing party. (ie: fax, email, mail, court box, hand delivery) it NEVER SAYS "IN DAUGHTERS SUIT CASE" BITCH!!! Didn't even tell DH on either occasion. Stepdaughter9 NEVER gave her dad either things... I found them in the suitcase. If it ever comes up, I'm literally going to suggest, perhaps it has bothered your daughter to be placed in the middle of adult communication and she didn't deliver your correspondence, because she at 9 years old knows it is inappropriate!!!

That was fairly calm, I think. (Sigh) Now to do my nightly yoga & find my inner f'n peace.


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When you have an attorney you get a notice of how the document was delivered to the opposing party. (ie: fax, email, mail, court box, hand delivery) it NEVER SAYS "IN DAUGHTERS SUIT CASE" BITCH!!!


Yes, seems like she's out for some attention. God they drive you crazy don't they? Some of the texts we get astound me.

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I'd put that smelly crap out on the porch where it would be waiting just as she left it when she came to pick kiddo up on Sunday. Gross.

I'm sorry you have to deal with such a full sack of crazy. Seems to be a BM thing. Funny, I passed 5 babies out of my vagina and it didn't turn my brain into oatmeal. *shrugs*

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4 here, and I freely admit my brain is oatmeal.... but I don't take it out on my OH, ex or his soon to be wife, I just forget shit.... Dirol

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Wow, I hope your health improves! Hugs, and of course ridiculous to expose child to adult matters. Sad

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loss of hearing and eye sight!!! you have to let this go. honestly, don't look in the bag. don't think about it. this crap is killing you, literally killing you.

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I would either have your DH or lawyer send a certified letter explaining to BM that the suitcase is not necessary and it is just more for SD to have to remember AND mentioning that all communication is (in writing, via text or whatever) and NOT for SD to be a messenger of any kind as that can be harmful to her mental development.