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I can't WAIT for the skids to go home today!!!

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They are so annoying and every time they open their mouths, it's like an ice pick in my ear. That is all.


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I'm so sorry, I couldn't tolerate more than 4 days every other week, much less 2 weeks at a time. That must be the longest 2 weeks ever. Either mine fight all the time, or else they just let the DUMBEST crap come out of their mouths. The quality of their voices also irritates me. Very whiny. I know they'll hit puberty sooner rather than later, but not soon enough for me. At least if I have to hear that crap, it'll be in deeper, slightly less whiny voices.

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before i found this site, i thought i was the only one who bristled at the sound of my sd's voice. it's worse than nails across a chalkboard.