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got suckered again-im stupid

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SS's wife (DIL) texted me that she wanted everyones birthdays, so I texted screenshots of all 12 months of my calender where b-days and anniv were written in black sharpie. She said thank you Smile and then asked where (one SGdaughters bday was). I looked over all my old calendars and could not find.  I asked her to tell me it when she found it. she later texted me and told me the b-day.  then I asked her what SD29's 2 youngers kids names and b-days (i already have 2 of SD29's bdays written) then she ignored me and then texted it wasnt her place to tell me. 

Im an idiot for thinking the road goes both ways


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Oh my must be kidding me.  That was very mean of her. I am so sorry.

Whelp, that would be the last time I helped her out.

So sorry.



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Oh good lord. 

Talk about someone just trying to start some family drama. 

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She is a meanie (not her place to tell you? It's not classified info) but on a different note how is your DH not know his grandkids names and birthdays? I could see maybe forgetting birthdays if he is older (I had to write everyone's birthdays for my dad as he can't remember) but names? If he estranged from them, then I understand 

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Wow, that's extreme. I have an aunt, who is like my second mom, who does similar and has other qualities that I cannot tolerate (very judgmental and critical of everything I do, etc.). I got so tired of it that I have put a lot of distance between us, even with the fact that she was diagnosed with terminal cancer about three years ago and was given six months to live. I love her, but I have a hard time keeping my self-esteem up when I'm around her and often want to simply walk away permanently when she gets judgy or critical of something I've done or am thinking or feeling. I feel like now that I'm older, I just do not have the patience to deal with people who bring negativity to my life.